Papers by L. H. Hu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.54 8 2016/06/21 Majorana Zero Mode Detected with Spin Selective Andreev Reflection in the Vortex of a Topological Superconductor H. H. Sun, K. W. Zhang, L. H. Hu, C. Li, G. Y. Wang, H. Y. Ma, Z. A. Xu, C. L. Gao, D. D. Guan, ..., J. F. Jia
2 -0.10 0 2016/12/01 Theory of spin-selective Andreev reflection in the vortex core of a topological superconductor L. H. Hu, C. Li, D. H. Xu, Y. Zhou, F. C. Zhang
3 -0.26 2 2010/11/23 Direct Subangstrom Measurement of Surfaces of Oxide Particles R. Yu, L. H. Hu, Z. Y. Cheng, Y. D. Li, H. Q. Ye, J. Zhu
4 -0.34 2 2015/04/23 Cooper pairing in the insulating valence band in iron-based superconductors L. H. Hu, W. Q. Chen, F. C. Zhang
5 -0.37 0 2016/08/12 Effect of in-plane magnetic field and applied strain in quantum spin Hall systems: Application to InAs/GaSb quantum wells L. H. Hu, D. H. Xu, F. C. Zhang, Y. Zhou
6 -0.37 0 2016/07/27 Electric control of inverted gap and hybridization gap in type-II InAs/GaSb quantum wells L. H. Hu, C. X. Liu, D. H. Xu, F. C. Zhang, Y. Zhou