Papers by N. Nagata

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.13 21 2015/09/01 Interpretations of the ATLAS diboson resonances J. Hisano, N. Nagata, Y. Omura
2 0.60 2 2016/06/08 A visible QCD axion from an enlarged color group T. Gherghetta, N. Nagata, M. Shifman
3 0.51 14 2013/02/15 Direct search of dark matter in high-scale supersymmetry J. Hisano, K. Ishiwata, N. Nagata
4 0.32 6 2015/05/13 Dark matter and gauge coupling unification in nonsupersymmetric SO(10) grand unified models Y. Mambrini, N. Nagata, K. A. Olive, J. Quevillon, J. Zheng
5 0.14 16 2010/12/09 Gluon contribution to dark matter direct detection J. Hisano, K. Ishiwata, N. Nagata
6 0.03 1 2016/06/30 Vacuum stability and radiative electroweak symmetry breaking in an SO(10) dark matter model Y. Mambrini, N. Nagata, K. A. Olive, J. Zheng
7 0.01 12 2012/06/26 Reevaluation of neutron electric dipole moment with QCD sum rules J. Hisano, J. Y. Lee, N. Nagata, Y. Shimizu
8 -0.02 3 2015/08/14 Prospects for Higgs coupling measurements in SUSY with radiatively-driven naturalness K. J. Bae, H. Baer, N. Nagata, H. Serce
9 -0.17 1 2015/03/30 Electroweakly interacting Dirac dark matter N. Nagata, S. Shirai
10 -0.24 1 2015/07/20 Signatures of leptoquarks at the LHC and right-handed neutrinos J. L. Evans, N. Nagata
11 -0.30 2 2015/03/25 SU(5) grand unification in pure gravity mediation J. L. Evans, N. Nagata, K. A. Olive
12 -0.38 0 2016/08/17 Precision gaugino mass measurements as a probe of large trilinear soft terms at the ILC K. J. Bae, H. Baer, N. Nagata, H. Serce
13 -0.68 2 2013/03/18 Neutron electric dipole moment induced by strangeness revisited K. Fuyuto, J. Hisano, N. Nagata