Papers by A. A. Soluyanov

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.13 15 2016/07/27 MoTe2: A Type-II Weyl Topological Metal Z. Wang, D. Gresch, A. A. Soluyanov, W. Xie, S. Kushwaha, X. Dai, M. Troyer, R. J. Cava, B. A. Bernevig
2 5.80 7 2016/09/14 Observation of large topologically trivial Fermi arcs in the candidate type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2 F. Y. Bruno, A. Tamai, Q. S. Wu, I. Cucchi, C. Barreteau, A. D. Torre, S. M. Walker, S. Riccò, Z. Wang, ..., F. Baumberger
3 5.40 6 2016/08/17 Fermi Arcs and Their Topological Character in the Candidate Type-II Weyl Semimetal MoTe2 A. Tamai, Q. S. Wu, I. Cucchi, F. Y. Bruno, S. Riccò, T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, C. Barreteau, E. Giannini, ..., F. Baumberger
4 1.51 40 2011/01/13 Wannier representation of Z2 topological insulators A. A. Soluyanov, D. Vanderbilt
5 1.33 48 2011/06/02 Computing topological invariants without inversion symmetry A. A. Soluyanov, D. Vanderbilt
6 1.18 2 2016/08/01 Robust Type-II Weyl Semimetal Phase in Transition Metal Diphosphides XP2 (X=Mo, W) G. Autès, D. Gresch, M. Troyer, A. A. Soluyanov, O. V. Yazyev
7 0.98 20 2013/04/19 Proposal for Direct Measurement of Topological Invariants in Optical Lattices L. Wang, A. A. Soluyanov, M. Troyer
8 0.93 3 2016/07/07 Triple Point Topological Metals Z. Zhu, G. W. Winkler, Q. Wu, J. Li, A. A. Soluyanov
9 0.42 1 2016/08/11 Topological Phases in InAs1xSbx: From Novel Topological Semimetal to Majorana Wire G. W. Winkler, Q. Wu, M. Troyer, P. Krogstrup, A. A. Soluyanov
10 0.21 3 2016/01/28 Smooth gauge and Wannier functions for topological band structures in arbitrary dimensions G. W. Winkler, A. A. Soluyanov, M. Troyer
11 0.17 3 2016/03/29 Optimizing spin-orbit splittings in InSb Majorana nanowires A. A. Soluyanov, D. Gresch, M. Troyer, R. M. Lutchyn, B. Bauer, C. Nayak
12 -0.05 11 2012/03/12 Smooth gauge for topological insulators A. A. Soluyanov, D. Vanderbilt
13 -0.09 0 2016/12/12 Experimental signatures of the inverted phase in InAs/GaSb coupled quantum wells M. Karalic, S. Mueller, C. Mittag, K. Pakrouski, Q. Wu, A. A. Soluyanov, M. Troyer, T. Tschirky, W. Wegscheider, ..., T. Ihn
14 -0.32 1 2016/03/01 Topological origin of the fermion sign problem M. Iazzi, A. A. Soluyanov, M. Troyer
15 -0.57 0 2014/04/22 Origin of the unusual strong suppression of low-frequency antiferromagnetic fluctuations in underdoped HgBa2CuO4+δ J. W. Mei, A. A. Soluyanov, T. M. Rice