Papers by S. D. Sarma

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.82 30 2015/02/17 Topological Yu-Shiba-Rusinov chain from spin-orbit coupling P. M. Brydon, S. D. Sarma, H. Y. Hui, J. D. Sau
2 2.36 18 2014/07/17 Variational study of polarons in Bose-Einstein condensates W. Li, S. D. Sarma
3 2.24 25 2014/08/04 Helical order in one-dimensional magnetic atom chains and possible emergence of Majorana bound states Y. Kim, M. Cheng, B. Bauer, R. M. Lutchyn, S. D. Sarma
4 2.19 12 2015/06/18 Plasmon signature in Dirac-Weyl liquids J. Hofmann, S. D. Sarma
5 2.14 21 2015/08/17 Axial anomaly and longitudinal magnetoresistance of a generic three-dimensional metal P. Goswami, J. H. Pixley, S. D. Sarma
6 2.00 19 2015/03/30 Constructing a Weyl semimetal by stacking one-dimensional topological phases S. Ganeshan, S. D. Sarma
7 1.95 10 2016/02/01 Disorder-driven itinerant quantum criticality of three-dimensional massless Dirac fermions J. H. Pixley, P. Goswami, S. D. Sarma
8 1.94 6 2016/06/29 Rare-Region-Induced Avoided Quantum Criticality in Disordered Three-Dimensional Dirac and Weyl Semimetals J. H. Pixley, D. A. Huse, S. D. Sarma
9 1.86 8 2015/07/02 Abelian and non-Abelian states in ν=2/3 bilayer fractional quantum Hall systems M. R. Peterson, Y. L. Wu, M. Cheng, M. Barkeshli, Z. Wang, S. D. Sarma
10 1.68 10 2015/12/14 Optical evidence for a Weyl semimetal state in pyrochlore Eu2Ir2O7 A. B. Sushkov, J. B. Hofmann, G. S. Jenkins, J. Ishikawa, S. Nakatsuji, S. D. Sarma, H. D. Drew
11 1.62 20 2014/11/25 Chiral symmetry breaking and the quantum Hall effect in monolayer graphene B. Roy, M. P. Kennett, S. D. Sarma
12 1.38 11 2015/10/28 Many-Body Localization and Quantum Nonergodicity in a Model with a Single-Particle Mobility Edge X. Li, S. Ganeshan, J. H. Pixley, S. D. Sarma
13 1.35 18 2014/09/05 Why Does Graphene Behave as a Weakly Interacting System? J. Hofmann, E. Barnes, S. D. Sarma
14 1.33 21 2014/12/29 Diffusive quantum criticality in three-dimensional disordered Dirac semimetals B. Roy, S. D. Sarma
15 1.18 22 2015/03/12 Majorana fermions in chiral topological ferromagnetic nanowires E. Dumitrescu, B. Roberts, S. Tewari, J. D. Sau, S. D. Sarma
16 1.15 13 2015/08/11 Anderson Localization and the Quantum Phase Diagram of Three Dimensional Disordered Dirac Semimetals J. H. Pixley, P. Goswami, S. D. Sarma
17 1.08 1 2016/09/14 Quantum phases of interacting electrons in three-dimensional dirty Dirac semimetals B. Roy, S. D. Sarma
18 1.07 4 2016/05/31 Quantum nonergodicity and fermion localization in a system with a single-particle mobility edge X. Li, J. H. Pixley, D. L. Deng, S. Ganeshan, S. D. Sarma
19 0.94 5 2016/03/29 Erratum: Diffusive quantum criticality in three-dimensional disordered Dirac semimetals [Phys. Rev. B 90, 241112(R) (2014)] B. Roy, S. D. Sarma
20 0.93 11 2015/01/15 Carrier screening, transport, and relaxation in three-dimensional Dirac semimetals S. D. Sarma, E. H. Hwang, H. Min