Papers by M. N. Bera

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 11.10 41 2015/07/08 Measuring Quantum Coherence with Entanglement A. Streltsov, U. Singh, H. S. Dhar, M. N. Bera, G. Adesso
2 3.80 12 2015/07/22 Duality of quantum coherence and path distinguishability M. N. Bera, T. Qureshi, M. A. Siddiqui, A. K. Pati
3 2.05 13 2015/05/22 Maximally coherent mixed states: Complementarity between maximal coherence and mixedness U. Singh, M. N. Bera, H. S. Dhar, A. K. Pati
4 0.95 13 2016/02/17 Assisted Distillation of Quantum Coherence E. Chitambar, A. Streltsov, S. Rana, M. N. Bera, G. Adesso, M. Lewenstein
5 0.09 6 2015/03/18 Characterizing non-Markovianity via quantum interferometric power H. S. Dhar, M. N. Bera, G. Adesso
6 -0.07 1 2016/07/22 Asymptotic role of entanglement in quantum metrology R. Augusiak, J. Kołodyński, A. Streltsov, M. N. Bera, A. Acín, M. Lewenstein
7 -0.07 12 2012/07/18 Characterization of tripartite quantum states with vanishing monogamy score M. N. Bera, R. Prabhu, A. Sen, U. Sen
8 -0.19 2 2015/11/30 Gaussian interferometric power as a measure of continuous-variable non-Markovianity L. A. Souza, H. S. Dhar, M. N. Bera, P. Liuzzo-Scorpo, G. Adesso
9 -0.35 0 2016/06/17 Entanglement and Coherence in Quantum State Merging A. Streltsov, E. Chitambar, S. Rana, M. N. Bera, A. Winter, M. Lewenstein
10 -0.38 1 2015/10/29 Quantum Rényi relative entropies affirm universality of thermodynamics A. Misra, U. Singh, M. N. Bera, A. K. Rajagopal