Papers by H. D. Drew

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1 10.07 111 2010/06/01 Strong surface scattering in ultrahigh-mobility Bi2Se3 topological insulator crystals N. P. Butch, K. Kirshenbaum, P. Syers, A. B. Sushkov, G. S. Jenkins, H. D. Drew, J. Paglione
2 3.84 65 2010/10/12 Topological Quantization in Units of the Fine Structure Constant J. Maciejko, X. L. Qi, H. D. Drew, S. C. Zhang
3 3.00 64 2007/01/10 Electromagnons in Multiferroic YMn2O5 and TbMn2O5 A. B. Sushkov, R. V. Aguilar, S. Park, S. W. Cheong, H. D. Drew
4 2.43 62 2003/08/15 High Temperature Ferromagnetism with a Giant Magnetic Moment in Transparent Co-doped SnO2-δ S. B. Ogale, R. J. Choudhary, J. P. Buban, S. E. Lofland, S. R. Shinde, S. N. Kale, V. N. Kulkarni, J. Higgins, C. Lanci, ..., T. Venkatesan
5 2.39 22 2003/03/31 Ferromagnetism in laser deposited anatase Ti1-xCoxO2-δ films S. R. Shinde, S. B. Ogale, S. Das Sarma, J. R. Simpson, H. D. Drew, S. E. Lofland, C. Lanci, J. P. Buban, N. D. Browning, ..., T. Venkatesan
6 2.15 67 2005/04/04 Probing Spin Correlations with Phonons in the Strongly Frustrated Magnet ZnCr2O4 A. B. Sushkov, O. Tchernyshyov, W. R. Ii, S. W. Cheong, H. D. Drew
7 1.68 10 2015/12/14 Optical evidence for a Weyl semimetal state in pyrochlore Eu2Ir2O7 A. B. Sushkov, J. B. Hofmann, G. S. Jenkins, J. Ishikawa, S. Nakatsuji, S. D. Sarma, H. D. Drew
8 1.47 83 1998/12/15 Optical conductivity of manganites: Crossover from Jahn-Teller small polaron to coherent transport in the ferromagnetic state M. Quijada, J. Černe, J. R. Simpson, H. D. Drew, K. H. Ahn, A. J. Millis, R. Shreekala, R. Ramesh, M. Rajeswari, ..., T. Venkatesan
9 1.31 56 2009/01/29 Origin of Electromagnon Excitations in Multiferroic RMnO3 R. Valdés Aguilar, M. Mostovoy, A. B. Sushkov, C. L. Zhang, Y. J. Choi, S. W. Cheong, H. D. Drew
10 1.27 33 2003/07/10 Exchange Interaction Effects on the Optical Properties of LuMnO3 A. B. Souchkov, J. R. Simpson, M. Quijada, H. Ishibashi, N. Hur, J. S. Ahn, S. W. Cheong, A. J. Millis, H. D. Drew
11 1.09 22 2010/09/13 Far-infrared cyclotron resonance and Faraday effect in Bi2Se3 A. B. Sushkov, G. S. Jenkins, D. C. Schmadel, N. P. Butch, J. Paglione, H. D. Drew
12 1.03 32 2007/08/15 Colossal magnon-phonon coupling in multiferroic Eu0.75Y0.25MnO3 R. Valdés Aguilar, A. B. Sushkov, C. L. Zhang, Y. J. Choi, S. W. Cheong, H. D. Drew
13 0.88 64 1996/09/02 Optical Evidence for the Dynamic Jahn-Teller Effect in Nd0.7Sr0.3MnO3 S. G. Kaplan, M. Quijada, H. D. Drew, D. B. Tanner, G. C. Xiong, R. Ramesh, C. Kwon, T. Venkatesan
14 0.82 20 2006/11/03 Infrared phonon signatures of multiferroicity in TbMn2O5 R. Valdés Aguilar, A. B. Sushkov, S. Park, S. W. Cheong, H. D. Drew
15 0.82 42 1992/07/06 Optical excitation of quasiparticle pairs in the vortex core of high-Tc superconductors K. Karraï, E. J. Choi, F. Dunmore, S. H. Liu, H. D. Drew, Q. Li, D. B. Fenner, Y. D. Zhu, F. C. Zhang
16 0.57 39 1989/01/15 Magnetoplasma effects in a quasi-three-dimensional electron gas K. Karrai, H. D. Drew, M. W. Lee, M. Shayegan
17 0.46 31 1991/02/15 Electrodynamic response of a harmonic atom in an external magnetic field Q. P. Li, K. Karraï, S. K. Yip, S. Das Sarma, H. D. Drew
18 0.38 16 1986/08/11 Motionally Dependent Bound States in Semiconductor Quantum Wells R. E. Doezema, H. D. Drew
19 0.34 20 2010/09/22 Terahertz Kerr and reflectivity measurements on the topological insulator Bi2Se3 G. S. Jenkins, A. B. Sushkov, D. C. Schmadel, N. P. Butch, P. Syers, J. Paglione, H. D. Drew
20 0.29 34 1998/02/01 Phenomenological interpretations of the ac Hall effect in the normal state of YBa2Cu3O7 A. T. Zheleznyak, V. M. Yakovenko, H. D. Drew, I. I. Mazin