Papers by H. D. Drew

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61 -0.21 2 1980/12/22 Phonon-Subband Exciton Interaction in Bismuth S. Baldwin, H. D. Drew
62 -0.21 10 1972/06/12 Virtual-Bound-State—Induced Optical Absorptivity in CuNi Alloys H. D. Drew, R. E. Doezema
63 -0.22 11 1998/12/01 Polarons in the layered perovskite manganite La1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7 D. B. Romero, V. B. Podobedov, A. Weber, J. P. Rice, J. F. Mitchell, R. P. Sharma, H. D. Drew
64 -0.23 10 1995/10/01 Cyclotron resonance in ideal superconductors H. D. Drew, T. C. Hsu
65 -0.23 6 2009/06/22 Terahertz magnetotransport measurements in underdoped Pr2xCexCuO4 and comparison with angle-resolved photoemission G. S. Jenkins, D. C. Schmadel, P. L. Bach, R. L. Greene, X. Béchamp-Laganière, G. Roberge, P. Fournier, H. D. Drew
66 -0.23 1 1987/01/26 Comment on ‘‘Heat capacity of a condensed electron system in the dilute metal n-Hg0.8Cd0.2Te’’ M. Shayegan, V. J. Goldman, H. D. Drew
67 -0.24 5 1977/06/15 Far-infrared magnetospectroscopy of the hole pocket in bismuth. II. Electron-electron interaction effects H. R. Verdún, H. D. Drew
68 -0.24 14 2001/11/26 Temperature dependence of low-lying electronic excitations of LaMnO3 M. A. Quijada, J. R. Simpson, L. Vasiliu-Doloc, J. W. Lynn, H. D. Drew, Y. M. Mukovskii, S. G. Karabashev
69 -0.24 9 1995/07/01 Observation of below-gap plasmon excitations in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 films F. J. Dunmore, D. Z. Liu, H. D. Drew, S. Das Sarma, Q. Li, D. B. Fenner
70 -0.25 15 1967/09/18 Far-Infrared Absorption in Superconducting and Normal Lead H. D. Drew, A. J. Sievers
71 -0.26 2 1990/04/15 Donor spectroscopy in Hg1-xCdxTe at high magnetic fields J. B. Choi, H. D. Drew
72 -0.26 13 1990/11/15 Cyclotron effective mass in wide parabolic quantum wells K. Karraï, M. Stopa, X. Ying, H. D. Drew, S. Das Sarma, M. Shayegan
73 -0.26 12 2003/06/19 Quasiparticles in high-temperature superconductors: Consistency of angle-resolved photoemission and optical conductivity A. J. Millis, H. D. Drew
74 -0.28 8 1980/04/15 Magneto-optical studies of PbTe in the far infrared S. W. Mcknight, H. D. Drew
75 -0.29 7 2000/10/01 Indications of phase separation in polycrystalline La1-xSrxMnO3 for x0.5 S. I. Patil, S. M. Bhagat, Q. Q. Shu, S. E. Lofland, S. B. Ogale, V. N. Smolyaninova, X. Zhang, B. S. Palmer, R. S. Decca, ..., W. H. Mccarroll
76 -0.29 1 1996/01/01 Grain-boundary-induced magneto-far-infrared resonances in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films H. T. Lihn, E. J. Choi, S. Kaplan, H. D. Drew, Q. Li, D. B. Fenner
77 -0.29 3 1984/11/15 Far-infrared absorption in Cd1-xMnxSe: New impurity-band effects V. J. Goldman, H. D. Drew
78 -0.30 7 1994/07/01 Far-infrared transmission of Ba1-xKxBiO3 thin films F. J. Dunmore, H. D. Drew, E. J. Nicol, E. S. Hellman, E. H. Hartford
79 -0.30 7 1990/05/15 Temperature-induced intraband transitions in the n-type HgTe/CdTe superlattice J. B. Choi, L. Ghenim, R. Mani, H. D. Drew, K. H. Yoo, J. T. Cheung
80 -0.31 3 1977/10/15 Optical absorption of Ni Cu alloys M. Tokumoto, H. D. Drew, A. Bagchi