Papers by H. D. Drew

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81 -0.31 4 1983/02/21 D- Levels in Cd1-xMnxSe T. Ichiguchi, H. D. Drew, J. K. Furdyna
82 -0.31 8 1998/08/10 Ultrafast Laser Induced Conductive and Resistive Transients in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3: Charge Transfer and Relaxation Dynamics Y. G. Zhao, J. J. Li, R. Shreekala, H. D. Drew, C. L. Chen, W. L. Cao, C. H. Lee, M. Rajeswari, S. B. Ogale, ..., T. Venkatesan
83 -0.32 8 2003/02/14 Disentangling the Exchange Coupling of Entangled Donors in the Si Quantum Computer Architecture B. Koiller, X. Hu, H. D. Drew, S. Das Sarma
84 -0.32 6 1996/04/01 Far-infrared transmission study on Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4-y thin films E. J. Choi, K. P. Stewart, S. K. Kaplan, H. D. Drew, S. N. Mao, T. Venkatessan
85 -0.33 10 1986/08/25 Anomalous Hall Effect below the Magnetic-Field-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Narrow-Gap Semiconductors V. J. Goldman, M. Shayegan, H. D. Drew
86 -0.33 8 2001/03/07 Competition of charge, orbital, and ferromagnetic correlations in layered manganites D. B. Romero, Y. Moritomo, J. F. Mitchell, H. D. Drew
87 -0.34 0 1984/10/15 Optical absorption of Mo-based alloys M. Tokumoto, H. D. Drew
88 -0.35 2 1991/05/15 Evidence for an electron-hole plasma in the photoluminescence spectra of insulating InSb at very low pump intensities R. D. Grober, H. D. Drew
89 -0.37 4 1985/10/15 Cyclotron resonance of localized electrons in n-type Cd-Mn-Se V. J. Goldman, H. D. Drew
90 -0.37 4 2008/08/08 Effective Masses in a Strongly Anisotropic Fermi Liquid T. D. Stanescu, V. Galitski, H. D. Drew
91 -0.39 7 2000/03/15 Midinfrared Hall effect in thin-film metals: Probing the Fermi surface anisotropy in Au and Cu J. Černe, D. C. Schmadel, M. Grayson, G. S. Jenkins, J. R. Simpson, H. D. Drew
92 -0.39 6 2007/04/16 Infrared Hall conductivity in optimally doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ: Drude behavior examined by experiment and fluctuation-exchange-model calculations D. C. Schmadel, G. S. Jenkins, J. J. Tu, G. D. Gu, H. Kontani, H. D. Drew
93 -0.41 0 1983/08/15 Evidence for shallow bound states in PbTe: A reply S. W. Mcknight, H. D. Drew
94 -0.43 3 1992/07/15 Collective cyclotron resonance of an inhomogeneous electron gas X. Ying, K. Karraï, H. D. Drew, M. Santos, M. Shayegan
95 -0.43 5 2006/08/29 Infrared signature of ion displacement in the noncollinear spin state of orthorhombic YMnO3 J. Kim, S. Jung, M. S. Park, S. I. Lee, H. D. Drew, H. Cheong, K. H. Kim, E. J. Choi
96 -0.45 0 2010/09/24 Terahertz Hall measurements on optimally doped single-crystal Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x G. S. Jenkins, D. C. Schmadel, A. B. Sushkov, G. D. Gu, H. Kontani, H. D. Drew
97 -0.46 4 1992/01/15 Shubnikov–de Haas effect in a metallic impurity band S. Liu, H. D. Drew, A. Illiades, S. Hadjipanteli
98 -0.47 2 1991/12/15 Magnetic-field-induced evolution from electron-hole plasma to excitonic gas in photoexcited InSb R. D. Grober, H. D. Drew
99 -0.49 0 1990/08/15 Resonant-acceptor-bound magnetic polarons in the zero-band-gap semimagnetic semiconductor Hg1-xMnxTe J. B. Choi, R. Mani, H. D. Drew, P. Becla
100 -0.49 2 2007/07/26 Infrared Hall conductivity of Na0.7CoO2 E. J. Choi, S. H. Jung, J. H. Noh, A. Zimmers, D. Schmadel, H. D. Drew, Y. K. Bang, J. Y. Son, J. H. Cho