Papers by J. A. Miles

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.55 10 2013/09/11 Subwavelength Localization of Atomic Excitation Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency J. A. Miles, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
2 -0.28 1 2015/09/21 Localization of atomic excitation beyond the diffraction limit using electromagnetically induced transparency J. A. Miles, D. Das, Z. J. Simmons, D. D. Yavuz
3 -0.69 0 2013/12/20 Suppression of inhomogeneous broadening using the ac Stark shift D. D. Yavuz, N. R. Brewer, J. A. Miles, Z. J. Simmons