Papers by P. V. Mieghem

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.36 29 2015/08/31 Epidemic processes in complex networks R. Pastor-Satorras, C. Castellano, P. V. Mieghem, A. Vespignani
2 5.72 4 2015/10/05 Exact coupling threshold for structural transition reveals diversified behaviors in interconnected networks F. D. Sahneh, C. Scoglio, P. V. Mieghem
3 1.56 2 2016/04/07 Interconnectivity structure of a general interdependent network P. V. Mieghem
4 0.47 4 2014/05/01 Nodal infection in Markovian susceptible-infected-susceptible and susceptible-infected-removed epidemics on networks are non-negatively correlated E. Cator, P. V. Mieghem
5 -0.08 1 2015/09/15 From epidemics to information propagation: Striking differences in structurally similar adaptive network models S. Trajanovski, D. Guo, P. V. Mieghem
6 -0.22 1 2015/09/15 Survival time of the susceptible-infected-susceptible infection process on a graph R. V. Bovenkamp, P. V. Mieghem
7 -0.24 0 2016/10/27 Modeling region-based interconnection for interdependent networks X. Wang, R. E. Kooij, P. V. Mieghem
8 -0.30 1 2015/03/30 Accuracy criterion for the mean-field approximation in susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemics on networks P. V. Mieghem, R. V. Bovenkamp
9 -0.37 0 2016/05/26 Approximate formula and bounds for the time-varying susceptible-infected-susceptible prevalence in networks P. V. Mieghem
10 -0.54 1 2014/04/29 Domination-time dynamics in susceptible-infected-susceptible virus competition on networks R. V. Bovenkamp, F. Kuipers, P. V. Mieghem
11 -0.65 1 2014/07/21 Epidemic outbreaks in two-scale community networks S. Bonaccorsi, S. Ottaviano, F. D. Pellegrini, A. Socievole, P. V. Mieghem