Papers by R. M. Rappe

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.15 49 2015/07/17 Dirac Line Nodes in Inversion-Symmetric Crystals Y. Kim, B. J. Wieder, C. L. Kane, R. M. Rappe
2 2.26 20 2014/01/22 Bulk Dirac Points in Distorted Spinels J. A. Steinberg, S. M. Young, S. Zaheer, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele, R. M. Rappe
3 0.05 1 2016/02/29 Two-Dimensional π-Conjugated Covalent-Organic Frameworks as Quantum Anomalous Hall Topological Insulators L. Dong, Y. Kim, D. Er, R. M. Rappe, V. B. Shenoy
4 -0.20 0 2016/11/11 Electron-beam-induced ferroelectric domain behavior in the transmission electron microscope: Toward deterministic domain patterning J. L. Hart, S. Liu, R. C. Lang, A. Hubert, R. Zukauskas, C. Canalias, R. Beanland, R. M. Rappe, M. Arredondo, ..., M. L. Taheri
5 -0.21 2 2015/08/20 Layered Topological Crystalline Insulators Y. Kim, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele, R. M. Rappe
6 -0.24 1 2015/08/03 Quantum pressure and chemical bonding: Influence of magnetic fields on electron localization J. Tao, S. Liu, F. Zheng, R. M. Rappe
7 -0.24 2 2014/06/05 Semiconducting ferroelectric photovoltaics through Zn2+ doping into KNbO3 and polarization rotation F. Wang, I. Grinberg, R. M. Rappe
8 -0.25 0 2016/10/21 Improved pseudopotential transferability for magnetic and electronic properties of binary manganese oxides from DFT+U+J calculations J. S. Lim, D. Saldana-Greco, R. M. Rappe
9 -0.37 0 2016/05/20 Substantial optical dielectric enhancement by volume compression in LiAsSe2 F. Zheng, J. A. Brehm, S. M. Young, Y. Kim, R. M. Rappe
10 -0.40 1 2014/08/29 Semiconducting ferroelectric perovskites with intermediate bands via B-site Bi5+ doping L. Jiang, I. Grinberg, F. Wang, S. M. Young, P. K. Davies, R. M. Rappe
11 -0.53 0 2015/12/17 Controlling oxide surface dipole and reactivity with intrinsic nonstoichiometric epitaxial reconstructions S. Kim, O. Sinai, C. W. Lee, R. M. Rappe
12 -0.54 1 2014/05/13 Coupling between octahedral rotations and local polar displacements in WO3/ReO3 superlattices J. T. Schick, L. Jiang, D. Saldana-Greco, R. M. Rappe
13 -0.65 0 2014/05/14 Density functional theory study of hypothetical PbTiO3-based oxysulfides J. A. Brehm, H. Takenaka, C. W. Lee, I. Grinberg, J. W. Bennett, M. R. Schoenberg, R. M. Rappe
14 -0.71 0 2014/06/05 Enhanced charge ordering transition in doped CaFeO3 through steric templating L. Jiang, D. Saldana-Greco, J. T. Schick, R. M. Rappe
15 -0.71 0 2014/03/21 Atomic sublattice decomposition of piezoelectric response in tetragonal PbTiO3, BaTiO3, and KNbO3 J. Shi, I. Grinberg, X. Wang, R. M. Rappe