Papers by A. V. Roekeghem

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1 0.55 12 2014/12/24 Dynamical Correlations and Screened Exchange on the Experimental Bench: Spectral Properties of the Cobalt Pnictide BaCo2As2 A. V. Roekeghem, T. Ayral, J. M. Tomczak, M. Casula, N. Xu, H. Ding, M. Ferrero, O. Parcollet, H. Jiang, ..., S. Biermann
2 0.37 4 2015/08/24 Camelback-shaped band reconciles heavy-electron behavior with weak electronic Coulomb correlations in superconducting TlNi2Se2 N. Xu, C. E. Matt, P. Richard, A. V. Roekeghem, S. Biermann, X. Shi, S. F. Wu, H. W. Liu, D. Chen, ..., M. Shi
3 0.24 1 2016/07/25 Anomalous thermal conductivity and suppression of negative thermal expansion in ScF3 A. V. Roekeghem, J. Carrete, N. Mingo
4 0.07 2 2016/06/20 Tetragonal and collapsed-tetragonal phases of CaFe2As2: A view from angle-resolved photoemission and dynamical mean-field theory A. V. Roekeghem, P. Richard, X. Shi, S. Wu, L. Zeng, B. Saparov, Y. Ohtsubo, T. Qian, A. S. Sefat, ..., H. Ding
5 -0.06 0 2016/12/21 High-Throughput Computation of Thermal Conductivity of High-Temperature Solid Phases: The Case of Oxide and Fluoride Perovskites A. V. Roekeghem, J. Carrete, C. Oses, S. Curtarolo, N. Mingo
6 -0.09 3 2015/06/08 Direct spectroscopic evidence for completely filled Cu 3d shell in BaCu2As2 and αBaCu2Sb2 S. F. Wu, P. Richard, A. V. Roekeghem, S. M. Nie, H. Miao, N. Xu, T. Qian, B. Saparov, Z. Fang, ..., H. Ding
7 -0.10 3 2015/06/03 Tuning electronic correlations in transition metal pnictides: Chemistry beyond the valence count E. Razzoli, C. E. Matt, M. Kobayashi, X. P. Wang, V. N. Strocov, A. V. Roekeghem, S. Biermann, N. C. Plumb, M. Radovic, ..., M. Shi
8 -0.14 3 2014/12/31 Correlation-Induced Self-Doping in the Iron-Pnictide Superconductor Ba2Ti2Fe2As4O J. Z. Ma, A. V. Roekeghem, P. Richard, Z. H. Liu, H. Miao, L. K. Zeng, N. Xu, M. Shi, C. Cao, ..., H. Ding
9 -0.23 0 2016/10/31 Angle-resolved photoemission observation of Mn-pnictide hybridization and negligible band structure renormalization in BaMn2As2 and BaMn2Sb2 W. L. Zhang, P. Richard, A. V. Roekeghem, S. M. Nie, N. Xu, P. Zhang, H. Miao, S. F. Wu, J. X. Yin, ..., H. Ding
10 -0.33 0 2016/09/27 Hubbard interactions in iron-based pnictides and chalcogenides: Slater parametrization, screening channels, and frequency dependence A. V. Roekeghem, L. Vaugier, H. Jiang, S. Biermann
11 -0.37 0 2016/07/29 Angle-resolved spectroscopy study of Ni-based superconductor SrNi2As2 L. K. Zeng, P. Richard, A. V. Roekeghem, J. X. Yin, S. F. Wu, Z. G. Chen, N. L. Wang, S. Biermann, T. Qian, ..., H. Ding