Papers by J. F. Ge

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 1.69 25 2015/01/07 Experimental Detection of a Majorana Mode in the core of a Magnetic Vortex inside a Topological Insulator-Superconductor Bi2Te3/NbSe2 Heterostructure J. P. Xu, M. X. Wang, Z. L. Liu, J. F. Ge, X. Yang, C. Liu, Z. A. Xu, D. Guan, C. L. Gao, ..., J. F. Jia
2 -0.07 5 2014/03/04 Fully gapped s-wave-like superconducting state and electronic structure in Ir0.95Pd0.05Te2 single crystals with strong spin-orbital coupling D. J. Yu, F. Yang, L. Miao, C. Q. Han, M. Y. Yao, F. Zhu, Y. R. Song, K. F. Zhang, J. F. Ge, ..., J. F. Jia