Papers by R. Kosloff

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.28 21 2015/09/29 Equivalence of Quantum Heat Machines, and Quantum-Thermodynamic Signatures R. Uzdin, A. Levy, R. Kosloff
2 -0.04 2 2015/06/10 Coherent Control of Bond Making L. Levin, W. Skomorowski, L. Rybak, R. Kosloff, C. P. Koch, Z. Amitay
3 -0.14 1 2016/05/31 Transitions between refrigeration regions in extremely short quantum cycles T. Feldmann, R. Kosloff
4 -0.38 0 2016/05/27 Quantum flywheel A. Levy, L. DiĆ³si, R. Kosloff
5 -0.49 0 2016/03/11 Parameter estimation in atomic spectroscopy using exceptional points M. Am-Shallem, R. Kosloff, N. Moiseyev
6 -0.58 0 2015/10/21 Enhancement of Ultracold Molecule Formation Using Shaped Nanosecond Frequency Chirps J. L. Carini, S. Kallush, R. Kosloff, P. L. Gould