Papers by M. Lostaglio

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.53 29 2015/04/01 Quantum Coherence, Time-Translation Symmetry, and Thermodynamics M. Lostaglio, K. Korzekwa, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
2 1.83 7 2015/10/09 Stochastic Independence as a Resource in Small-Scale Thermodynamics M. Lostaglio, M. P. Müller, M. Pastena
3 0.87 10 2014/04/29 Quantum and classical entropic uncertainty relations K. Korzekwa, M. Lostaglio, D. Jennings, T. Rudolph
4 -0.39 0 2016/06/30 Classical noise and the structure of minimum uncertainty states K. Korzekwa, M. Lostaglio