Papers by D. D. Guan

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.54 8 2016/06/21 Majorana Zero Mode Detected with Spin Selective Andreev Reflection in the Vortex of a Topological Superconductor H. H. Sun, K. W. Zhang, L. H. Hu, C. Li, G. Y. Wang, H. Y. Ma, Z. A. Xu, C. L. Gao, D. D. Guan, ..., J. F. Jia
2 0.33 5 2014/08/05 Electronic structure of black phosphorus studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy C. Q. Han, M. Y. Yao, X. X. Bai, L. Miao, F. Zhu, D. D. Guan, S. Wang, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, ..., J. F. Jia
3 -0.07 5 2014/03/04 Fully gapped s-wave-like superconducting state and electronic structure in Ir0.95Pd0.05Te2 single crystals with strong spin-orbital coupling D. J. Yu, F. Yang, L. Miao, C. Q. Han, M. Y. Yao, F. Zhu, Y. R. Song, K. F. Zhang, J. F. Ge, ..., J. F. Jia
4 -0.49 1 2015/04/24 Surface states in lightly hole-doped sodium cobaltate Na1yCoO2 M. Y. Yao, L. Miao, N. L. Wang, J. H. Dil, M. Z. Hasan, D. D. Guan, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, D. Qian, ..., J. F. Jia
5 -0.56 0 2015/05/12 Evolution of the electronic structure in ultrathin Bi(111) films L. Miao, M. Y. Yao, W. Ming, F. Zhu, C. Q. Han, Z. F. Wang, D. D. Guan, C. L. Gao, C. Liu, ..., J. F. Jia