Papers by S. Kushwaha

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 10.13 15 2016/07/27 MoTe2: A Type-II Weyl Topological Metal Z. Wang, D. Gresch, A. A. Soluyanov, W. Xie, S. Kushwaha, X. Dai, M. Troyer, R. J. Cava, B. A. Bernevig
2 3.21 3 2016/11/30 Time-Reversal-Breaking Weyl Fermions in Magnetic Heusler Alloys Z. Wang, M. G. Vergniory, S. Kushwaha, M. Hirschberger, E. V. Chulkov, A. Ernst, N. P. Ong, R. J. Cava, B. A. Bernevig
3 -0.41 0 2016/01/26 Anomalous composition dependence of the superconductivity in In-doped SnTe N. Haldolaarachchige, Q. Gibson, W. Xie, M. B. Nielsen, S. Kushwaha, R. J. Cava