Papers by S. Vijay

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.17 12 2015/12/10 Majorana Fermion Surface Code for Universal Quantum Computation S. Vijay, T. H. Hsieh, L. Fu
2 1.31 5 2015/12/21 A new kind of topological quantum order: A dimensional hierarchy of quasiparticles built from stationary excitations S. Vijay, J. Haah, L. Fu
3 0.50 6 2015/06/15 Entanglement spectrum of a random partition: Connection with the localization transition S. Vijay, L. Fu
4 -0.06 0 2016/12/28 Fracton topological order, generalized lattice gauge theory, and duality S. Vijay, J. Haah, L. Fu
5 -0.06 0 2016/12/29 Teleportation-based quantum information processing with Majorana zero modes S. Vijay, L. Fu