Papers by S. Onari

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1 20.92 563 2008/08/22 Unconventional Pairing Originating from the Disconnected Fermi Surfaces of Superconducting LaFeAsO1-xFx K. Kuroki, S. Onari, R. Arita, H. Usui, Y. Tanaka, H. Kontani, H. Aoki
2 8.09 150 2010/04/15 Orbital-Fluctuation-Mediated Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides: Analysis of the Five-Orbital Hubbard-Holstein Model H. Kontani, S. Onari
3 5.89 86 2009/10/21 Violation of Anderson’s Theorem for the Sign-Reversing s-Wave State of Iron-Pnictide Superconductors S. Onari, H. Kontani
4 5.79 205 2009/06/10 Pnictogen height as a possible switch between high-Tc nodeless and low-Tc nodal pairings in the iron-based superconductors K. Kuroki, H. Usui, S. Onari, R. Arita, H. Aoki
5 3.40 53 2012/09/25 Self-consistent Vertex Correction Analysis for Iron-based Superconductors: Mechanism of Coulomb Interaction-Driven Orbital Fluctuations S. Onari, H. Kontani
6 2.50 8 2016/06/03 Nematicity and Magnetism in FeSe and Other Families of Fe-Based Superconductors Y. Yamakawa, S. Onari, H. Kontani
7 1.98 50 2011/07/25 Origin of orthorhombic transition, magnetic transition, and shear-modulus softening in iron pnictide superconductors: Analysis based on the orbital fluctuations theory H. Kontani, T. Saito, S. Onari
8 1.47 5 2016/06/02 Sign-Reversing Orbital Polarization in the Nematic Phase of FeSe due to the C2 Symmetry Breaking in the Self-Energy S. Onari, Y. Yamakawa, H. Kontani
9 1.42 35 2010/02/16 Structure of neutron-scattering peaks in both s++-wave and s±-wave states of an iron pnictide superconductor S. Onari, H. Kontani, M. Sato
10 1.40 46 1993/01/15 Low-frequency Raman scattering from CdS microcrystals embedded in a germanium dioxide glass matrix A. Tanaka, S. Onari, T. Arai
11 1.33 16 2014/05/06 High-Tc Superconductivity near the Anion Height Instability in Fe-Based Superconductors: Analysis of LaFeAsO1xHx S. Onari, Y. Yamakawa, H. Kontani
12 1.26 38 2010/10/14 Orbital fluctuation theory in iron pnictides: Effects of As-Fe-As bond angle, isotope substitution, and Z2-orbital pocket on superconductivity T. Saito, S. Onari, H. Kontani
13 0.90 11 2015/04/06 Spin-triplet superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 due to orbital and spin fluctuations: Analyses by two-dimensional renormalization group theory and self-consistent vertex-correction method M. Tsuchiizu, Y. Yamakawa, S. Onari, Y. Ohno, H. Kontani
14 0.61 26 2011/04/22 Emergence of fully gapped s++-wave and nodal d-wave states mediated by orbital and spin fluctuations in a ten-orbital model of KFe2Se2 T. Saito, S. Onari, H. Kontani
15 0.47 10 2014/07/03 Reproduction of experimental gap structure in LiFeAs based on orbital-spin fluctuation theory: s++-wave, s±-wave, and hole-s±-wave states T. Saito, S. Onari, Y. Yamakawa, H. Kontani, S. V. Borisenko, V. B. Zabolotnyy
16 0.38 10 2006/05/02 Extended s-wave pairing originating from the a1g band in NaxCoO2yH2O: Single-band U-V model with fluctuation exchange method K. Kuroki, S. Onari, Y. Tanaka, R. Arita, T. Nojima
17 0.37 26 1992/03/15 Raman scattering from CdSe microcrystals embedded in a germanate glass matrix A. Tanaka, S. Onari, T. Arai
18 0.35 17 2011/10/24 Neutron inelastic scattering peak by dissipationless mechanism in the s++-wave state in iron-based superconductors S. Onari, H. Kontani
19 0.24 12 2013/07/30 Orbital Nematic Instability in the Two-Orbital Hubbard Model: Renormalization-Group + Constrained RPA Analysis M. Tsuchiizu, Y. Ohno, S. Onari, H. Kontani
20 0.18 11 2013/05/15 Effect of realistic finite-size impurities on Tc in Fe-based superconductors based on the five-orbital tight-binding model Y. Yamakawa, S. Onari, H. Kontani