Papers by A. Stern

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 16.93 1080 2008/09/12 Non-Abelian anyons and topological quantum computation C. Nayak, S. H. Simon, A. Stern, M. Freedman, S. Das Sarma
2 6.52 126 2009/11/04 Fractional Topological Insulators M. Levin, A. Stern
3 6.08 78 2004/11/23 Geometric phases and quantum entanglement as building blocks for non-Abelian quasiparticle statistics A. Stern, F. Von Oppen, E. Mariani
4 5.35 133 2006/01/06 Proposed Experiments to Probe the Non-Abelian ν=5/2 Quantum Hall State A. Stern, B. I. Halperin
5 4.23 70 2012/09/21 Classification and analysis of two-dimensional Abelian fractional topological insulators M. Levin, A. Stern
6 4.07 61 2014/03/12 Universal Topological Quantum Computation from a Superconductor-Abelian Quantum Hall Heterostructure R. S. Mong, D. J. Clarke, J. Alicea, N. H. Lindner, P. Fendley, C. Nayak, Y. Oreg, A. Stern, E. Berg, ..., M. P. Fisher
7 3.24 69 2012/10/11 Fractionalizing Majorana Fermions: Non-Abelian Statistics on the Edges of Abelian Quantum Hall States N. H. Lindner, E. Berg, G. Refael, A. Stern
8 2.70 51 2012/07/02 Strong side of weak topological insulators Z. Ringel, Y. E. Kraus, A. Stern
9 2.41 71 1983/03/01 Soliton states in the quantum-chromodynamic effective Lagrangian A. P. Balachandran, V. P. Nair, S. G. Rajeev, A. Stern
10 2.26 47 2012/04/02 Adiabatic manipulations of Majorana fermions in a three-dimensional network of quantum wires B. I. Halperin, Y. Oreg, A. Stern, G. Refael, J. Alicea, F. Von Oppen
11 2.19 164 1990/04/01 Phase uncertainty and loss of interference: A general picture A. Stern, Y. Aharonov, Y. Imry
12 2.16 74 1982/10/18 Exotic Levels from Topology in the Quantum-Chromodynamic Effective Lagrangian A. P. Balachandran, V. P. Nair, S. G. Rajeev, A. Stern
13 2.03 35 2013/09/09 Inducing Time-Reversal-Invariant Topological Superconductivity and Fermion Parity Pumping in Quantum Wires A. Keselman, L. Fu, A. Stern, E. Berg
14 1.57 28 2011/12/27 Exactly soluble models for fractional topological insulators in two and three dimensions M. Levin, F. J. Burnell, M. Koch-Janusz, A. Stern
15 1.54 37 2014/03/04 Fractional helical liquids in quantum wires Y. Oreg, E. Sela, A. Stern
16 1.27 1 2016/11/11 Dimensional Hierarchy of Fermionic Interacting Topological Phases R. Queiroz, E. Khalaf, A. Stern
17 1.20 41 2001/03/05 Spin-Orbit Effects in a GaAs Quantum Dot in a Parallel Magnetic Field B. I. Halperin, A. Stern, Y. Oreg, J. N. Cremers, J. A. Folk, C. M. Marcus
18 1.18 78 1992/02/17 Berry’s phase, motive forces, and mesoscopic conductivity A. Stern
19 1.08 7 2015/12/21 Current at a Distance and Resonant Transparency in Weyl Semimetals Y. Baum, E. Berg, S. A. Parameswaran, A. Stern
20 0.93 9 2015/03/31 Coexisting Edge States and Gapless Bulk in Topological States of Matter Y. Baum, T. Posske, I. C. Fulga, B. Trauzettel, A. Stern