Papers by N. Metropolis

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.05 143 1949/05/15 Equations of State of Elements Based on the Generalized Fermi-Thomas Theory R. P. Feynman, N. Metropolis, E. Teller
2 2.62 179 1957/01/01 Phase-Shift Analysis of 310-Mev Proton-Proton Scattering Experiments H. P. Stapp, T. J. Ypsilantis, N. Metropolis
3 1.01 36 1947/11/15 Calculations in the Liquid-Drop Model of Fission S. Frankel, N. Metropolis
4 1.00 124 1958/04/01 Monte Carlo Calculations on Intranuclear Cascades. I. Low-Energy Studies N. Metropolis, R. Bivins, M. Storm, A. Turkevich, J. M. Miller, G. Friedlander
5 0.94 34 1954/06/01 Second Virial Coefficients of He3 and He4 J. E. Kilpatrick, W. E. Keller, E. F. Hammel, N. Metropolis
6 0.89 124 1958/04/01 Monte Carlo Calculations on Intranuclear Cascades. II. High-Energy Studies and Pion Processes N. Metropolis, R. Bivins, M. Storm, J. M. Miller, G. Friedlander, A. Turkevich
7 0.57 28 1954/09/15 Pion-Hydrogen Phase Shift Analysis between 120 and 217 Mev F. D. Hoffmann, N. Metropolis, E. F. Alei, H. A. Bethe
8 0.44 21 1954/09/15 Phase Shift Analysis of the Scattering of Negative Pions by Hydrogen E. Fermi, N. Metropolis, E. F. Alei
9 -0.21 3 1941/08/15 The Structure of Electronic Bands of Polyatomic Molecules. I. Prolate Approximation for XY2 Molecules N. Metropolis
10 -0.24 0 1941/08/15 Vibrational Analysis of the Absorption System of Sulphur Dioxide at λ3400-2600 N. Metropolis
11 -0.43 0 1939/04/01 A New Ultraviolet Band System of Silver Iodide N. Metropolis