Papers by M. Singh

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 1.40 3 2016/02/26 Elasticity in Amorphous Solids: Nonlinear or Piecewise Linear? A. K. Dubey, I. Procaccia, C. A. Shor, M. Singh
2 0.37 10 2012/01/10 Interplay between topological insulators and superconductors J. Wang, C. Z. Chang, H. Li, K. He, D. Zhang, M. Singh, X. C. Ma, N. Samarth, M. Xie, ..., M. H. Chan
3 0.08 40 1975/01/01 Spin-orbit coupling, Fermi surface, and optical conductivity of ferromagnetic iron M. Singh, C. S. Wang, J. Callaway
4 -0.02 9 2012/09/18 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations from colliding Bose-Einstein condensates J. Kofler, M. Singh, M. Ebner, M. Keller, M. Kotyrba, A. Zeilinger
5 -0.02 1 2016/02/23 Mechanical Yield in Amorphous Solids: A First-Order Phase Transition P. K. Jaiswal, I. Procaccia, C. Rainone, M. Singh
6 -0.02 21 1996/07/08 Quantum Gap Solitons and Many-Polariton–Atom Bound States in Dispersive Medium and Photonic Band Gap V. I. Rupasov, M. Singh
7 -0.03 15 1984/04/15 Electron-phonon scattering in the presence of a magnetic field in quasi-two-dimensional quantum-well structures M. Prasad, M. Singh
8 -0.08 0 2016/12/13 Three-body interacting dipolar bosons and the fate of lattice supersolidity M. Singh, T. Mishra
9 -0.09 3 2014/12/01 Bose-Einstein condensate of metastable helium for quantum correlation experiments M. Keller, M. Kotyrba, F. Leupold, M. Singh, M. Ebner, A. Zeilinger
10 -0.09 12 1976/08/01 Calculation of g and g for iron and nickel M. Singh, J. Callaway, C. S. Wang
11 -0.13 0 2012/07/24 Superconductivity in single crystalline Pb nanowires contacted by normal metal electrodes J. Wang, Y. Sun, M. Tian, B. Liu, M. Singh, M. H. Chan
12 -0.14 6 2012/05/21 Three-body on-site interactions in ultracold bosonic atoms in optical lattices and superlattices M. Singh, A. Dhar, T. Mishra, R. V. Pai, B. P. Das
13 -0.17 8 2011/09/23 Mean-field analysis of quantum phase transitions in a periodic optical superlattice A. Dhar, M. Singh, R. V. Pai, B. P. Das
14 -0.20 5 1986/09/15 Polar-optical-phonon contribution to the damping of the magnetophonon oscillations in multiple-quantum-well structures M. Singh, M. P. Chaubey
15 -0.21 13 1996/10/01 Quantum gap solitons and soliton pinning in dispersive medium and photonic-band-gap materials: Bethe-ansatz solution V. I. Rupasov, M. Singh
16 -0.22 3 1987/07/15 Hole-phonon relaxation time and Landau-level broadening due to hole-phonon interactions in multiple-quantum-well structures in the presence of a magnetic field and internal strains M. Singh
17 -0.23 0 2016/11/01 Multiple charge density wave states at the surface of TbTe3 L. Fu, A. M. Kraft, B. Sharma, M. Singh, P. Walmsley, I. R. Fisher, M. C. Boyer
18 -0.23 6 2011/06/14 Antiproximity effect in aluminum nanowires with no applied magnetic field M. Singh, J. Wang, M. Tian, T. E. Mallouk, M. H. Chan
19 -0.24 4 2009/05/12 Dynamics of reflection of ultracold atoms from a periodic one-dimensional magnetic lattice potential M. Singh, R. Mclean, A. Sidorov, P. Hannaford
20 -0.26 3 1973/03/15 Scattering of Phonons by Bound and Free Electrons in Sb-Doped Ge in the Temperature Range 6-80 °K M. Singh, G. S. Verma