Papers by J. R. Mcnally

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 -0.09 4 1942/02/01 First Spark Spectrum of Neodymium—Preliminary Classification and Zeeman Effect Data W. E. Albertson, G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
2 -0.12 8 1941/11/15 Zeeman Effect Data and Preliminary Classification of the Spark Spectrum of Praseodymium—Pr II N. Rosen, G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
3 -0.27 2 1940/10/15 Zeeman Effects in the Arc Spectrum of Ruthenium G. R. Harrison, J. R. Mcnally
4 -0.31 5 1948/05/01 Ratio of g Values of the P11202 and the S122 States in Ionized Calcium J. R. Mcnally
5 -0.36 1 1950/02/01 On the Classification of the Spectrum of Singly Ionized Uranium J. R. Mcnally
6 -0.37 1 1969/08/11 Doppler-Broadened Spectral Emission from the Turbulently Heated Plasma of Burnout V I. Alexe, G. E. Guest, J. R. Mcnally, R. V. Neidigh, F. R. Scott
7 -0.38 1 1951/10/15 New Data on Isotope Shifts in Uranium Spectra: U236 and U234 D. D. Smith, G. L. Stukenbroeker, J. R. Mcnally