Papers by M. H. Chan

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.64 47 2006/09/14 Supersolid Helium at High Pressure E. Kim, M. H. Chan
2 2.95 41 2012/10/08 Absence of Supersolidity in Solid Helium in Porous Vycor Glass D. Y. Kim, M. H. Chan
3 2.45 134 1988/10/24 Disorder and the Superfluid Transition in Liquid He4 M. H. Chan, K. I. Blum, S. Q. Murphy, G. K. Wong, J. D. Reppy
4 1.92 37 2011/06/28 Evidence for electron-electron interaction in topological insulator thin films J. Wang, A. M. Dasilva, C. Z. Chang, K. He, J. K. Jain, N. Samarth, X. C. Ma, Q. K. Xue, M. H. Chan
5 1.78 37 2011/10/24 Superconducting proximity effect and possible evidence for Pearl vortices in a candidate topological insulator D. Zhang, J. Wang, A. M. Dasilva, J. S. Lee, H. R. Gutierrez, M. H. Chan, J. Jain, N. Samarth
6 1.62 29 2008/02/14 Effect of He3 Impurities on the Nonclassical Response to Oscillation of Solid He4 E. Kim, J. S. Xia, J. T. West, X. Lin, A. C. Clark, M. H. Chan
7 1.59 45 2007/09/26 Nonclassical Rotational Inertia in Helium Crystals A. C. Clark, J. T. West, M. H. Chan
8 1.28 21 2008/05/19 Thermal history of solid H4e under oscillation A. C. Clark, J. D. Maynard, M. H. Chan
9 1.23 76 1999/08/09 Critical Fluctuation-Induced Thinning of 4He Films near the Superfluid Transition R. Garcia, M. H. Chan
10 1.20 7 2015/07/31 Zero-Field Dissipationless Chiral Edge Transport and the Nature of Dissipation in the Quantum Anomalous Hall State C. Z. Chang, W. Zhao, D. Y. Kim, P. Wei, J. K. Jain, C. Liu, M. H. Chan, J. S. Moodera
11 0.99 53 1988/10/24 Sharp Heat-Capacity Signature at the Superfluid Transition of Helium Films in Porous Glasses D. Finotello, K. A. Gillis, A. Wong, M. H. Chan
12 0.92 43 2005/03/30 Dissipation in quasi-one-dimensional superconducting single-crystal Sn nanowires M. Tian, J. Wang, J. S. Kurtz, Y. Liu, M. H. Chan, T. S. Mayer, T. E. Mallouk
13 0.86 55 1990/11/12 Liquid-vapor critical point of He4 in aerogel A. P. Wong, M. H. Chan
14 0.80 5 2015/04/09 Experimental Verification of the Van Vleck Nature of Long-Range Ferromagnetic Order in the Vanadium-Doped Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Sb2Te3 M. Li, C. Z. Chang, L. Wu, J. Tao, W. Zhao, M. H. Chan, J. S. Moodera, J. Li, Y. Zhu
15 0.79 45 2006/08/17 Critical Casimir Force in He4 Films: Confirmation of Finite-Size Scaling A. Ganshin, S. Scheidemantel, R. Garcia, M. H. Chan
16 0.69 7 2014/08/11 Upper limit of supersolidity in solid helium D. Y. Kim, M. H. Chan
17 0.63 14 2012/01/17 Observation of Landau-level-like quantization at 77 K along a strained-induced graphene ridge H. Yan, Y. Sun, L. He, J. C. Nie, M. H. Chan
18 0.58 29 2005/08/08 Suppression of Superconductivity in Zinc Nanowires by Bulk Superconductors M. Tian, N. Kumar, S. Xu, J. Wang, J. S. Kurtz, M. H. Chan
19 0.56 35 1993/09/01 Freezing and melting of fluids in porous glasses E. Molz, A. P. Wong, M. H. Chan, J. R. Beamish
20 0.45 41 1993/10/04 Phase diagram of -43He mixture in aerogel S. B. Kim, J. Ma, M. H. Chan