Papers by A. Benoit

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1 5.76 151 1997/03/03 Experimental Evidence of the Néel-Brown Model of Magnetization Reversal W. Wernsdorfer, E. B. Orozco, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, B. Barbara, N. Demoncy, A. Loiseau, H. Pascard, D. Mailly
2 2.40 59 1981/04/01 Magnetic neutron scattering and crystal-field states in CeCu2Si2 S. Horn, E. Holland-Moritz, M. Loewenhaupt, F. Steglich, H. Scheuer, A. Benoit, J. Flouquet
3 1.99 267 1993/03/29 Experimental observation of persistent currents in GaAs-AlGaAs single loop D. Mailly, C. Chapelier, A. Benoit
4 1.98 62 1996/08/26 Nucleation of Magnetization Reversal in Individual Nanosized Nickel Wires W. Wernsdorfer, B. Doudin, D. Mailly, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, J. Meier, J. P. Ansermet, B. Barbara
5 1.80 53 1997/11/17 Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization of Single Ferrimagnetic Nanoparticles of Barium Ferrite W. Wernsdorfer, E. Bonet Orozco, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, D. Mailly, O. Kubo, H. Nakano, B. Barbara
6 0.94 28 2005/06/20 Final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search with cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors V. Sanglard, A. Benoit, L. Bergé, J. Blümer, A. Broniatowski, B. Censier, L. Chabert, M. Chapellier, G. Chardin, ..., EDELWEISS Collaboration
7 0.84 14 1996/02/01 Dynamical measurement of domain-wall nucleation and annihilation in individual amorphous Co particles W. Wernsdorfer, K. Hasselbach, A. Sulpice, A. Benoit, J. E. Wegrowe, L. Thomas, B. Barbara, D. Mailly
8 0.67 59 1987/06/01 Length-Independent Voltage Fluctuations in Small Devices A. Benoit, C. P. Umbach, R. B. Laibowitz, R. A. Webb
9 0.49 22 1997/05/01 Measurements of magnetization switching in individual nickel nanowires W. Wernsdorfer, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, B. Barbara, B. Doudin, J. Meier, J. P. Ansermet, D. Mailly
10 0.40 36 1984/08/01 High-pressure valence instability and Tc maximum in superconducting CeCu2Si2 B. Bellarbi, A. Benoit, D. Jaccard, J. M. Mignot, H. F. Braun
11 0.01 22 1984/10/01 Universality of the spectral dimension of percolation clusters R. Rammal, J. C. Angles D'Auriac, A. Benoit
12 -0.12 19 1997/07/14 Channel Interference in a Quasiballistic Aharonov-Bohm Experiment G. Cernicchiaro, T. Martin, K. Hasselbach, D. Mailly, A. Benoit
13 -0.19 7 1974/02/01 Nuclear orientation experiments on melted or implanted AuYb alloys A. Benoit, J. Flouquet, J. Sanchez
14 -0.19 13 1985/08/12 Critical Ising Spin Dynamics near the Percolation Threshold R. Rammal, A. Benoit
15 -0.25 2 1974/12/01 Comparison of hyperfine fields and impurity magnetization in dilute Pt Co alloys M. Ali, W. D. Brewer, E. Klein, A. Benoit, J. Flouquet, O. Taurian, J. C. Gallop
16 -0.32 2 1974/02/04 Observation by Nuclear Orientation under Pressure of the Magnetic State of Cerium Impurities in Lanthanum A. Benoit, R. Delaplace, J. Flouquet
17 -0.41 1 1996/03/01 Linear-response theory applied to the dynamics of submicronic magnetic particles J. E. Wegrowe, W. Wernsdorfer, L. Thomas, B. Barbara, A. Sulpice, K. Hasselbach, A. Benoit, D. Mailly