Papers by B. A. Brown

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.73 157 2006/09/13 New “USD” Hamiltonians for the sd shell B. A. Brown, W. A. Richter
2 5.09 189 2001/08/03 Magic Numbers in Exotic Nuclei and Spin-Isospin Properties of the NN Interaction T. Otsuka, R. Fujimoto, Y. Utsuno, B. A. Brown, M. Honma, T. Mizusaki
3 4.64 180 2004/03/29 New effective interaction for pf-shell nuclei and its implications for the stability of the N=Z=28 closed core M. Honma, T. Otsuka, B. A. Brown, T. Mizusaki
4 3.97 96 2008/04/10 Reduction of spectroscopic strength: Weakly-bound and strongly-bound single-particle states studied using one-nucleon knockout reactions A. Gade, P. Adrich, D. Bazin, M. D. Bowen, B. A. Brown, C. M. Campbell, J. M. Cook, T. Glasmacher, P. G. Hansen, ..., D. Weisshaar
5 3.96 122 2002/05/31 Effective interaction for pf-shell nuclei M. Honma, T. Otsuka, B. A. Brown, T. Mizusaki
6 3.62 197 1990/03/01 Mass systematics for A=29–44 nuclei: The deformed A∼32 region E. K. Warburton, J. A. Becker, B. A. Brown
7 3.25 42 2010/06/23 Nuclear Spins and Moments of Ga Isotopes Reveal Sudden Structural Changes between N=40 and N=50 B. Cheal, E. Mané, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, B. A. Brown, F. C. Charlwood, K. T. Flanagan, D. H. Forest, ..., M. Žáková
8 3.06 232 1992/09/01 Effective interactions for the 0p1s0d nuclear shell-model space E. K. Warburton, B. A. Brown
9 2.56 67 2000/01/03 One-Neutron Knockout from Individual Single-Particle States of B11e T. Aumann, A. Navin, D. P. Balamuth, D. Bazin, B. Blank, B. A. Brown, J. E. Bush, J. A. Caggiano, B. Davids, ..., J. A. Tostevin
10 2.41 56 2004/10/25 New T=1 effective interactions for the f52p32p12g92 model space: Implications for valence-mirror symmetry and seniority isomers A. F. Lisetskiy, B. A. Brown, M. Horoi, H. Grawe
11 2.30 62 2004/03/10 N=14 and 16 shell gaps in neutron-rich oxygen isotopes M. Stanoiu, F. Azaiez, Z. Dombrádi, O. Sorlin, B. A. Brown, M. Belleguic, D. Sohler, M. G. Saint Laurent, M. J. Lopez-Jimenez, ..., A. Yamamoto
12 2.20 53 2005/04/27 Magnetic moments of the 21+ states around Sn132 B. A. Brown, N. J. Stone, J. R. Stone, I. S. Towner, M. Hjorth-Jensen
13 2.19 46 2003/10/16 N=82 Shell Quenching of the Classical r-Process “Waiting-Point” Nucleus Cd130 I. Dillmann, K. L. Kratz, A. Wöhr, O. Arndt, B. A. Brown, P. Ho, M. Hjorth-Jensen, U. Köster, A. N. Ostrowski, ..., ISOLDE Collaboration
14 2.08 47 2006/12/20 Tensor interaction contributions to single-particle energies B. A. Brown, T. Duguet, T. Otsuka, D. Abe, T. Suzuki
15 2.06 86 2000/07/10 Direct Evidence for the Breakdown of the N=8 Shell Closure in B12e A. Navin, D. W. Anthony, T. Aumann, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, Y. Blumenfeld, B. A. Brown, T. Glasmacher, P. G. Hansen, ..., A. Wagner
16 2.06 62 1989/03/01 High-energy reaction cross sections of light nuclei G. F. Bertsch, B. A. Brown, H. Sagawa
17 2.03 26 2012/03/09 First Observation of Ground State Dineutron Decay: Be16 A. Spyrou, Z. Kohley, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, B. A. Brown, G. Christian, P. A. Deyoung, J. E. Finck, N. Frank, ..., A. Volya
18 1.91 45 2010/05/28 Collectivity at N=40 in neutron-rich Cr64 A. Gade, R. V. Janssens, T. Baugher, D. Bazin, B. A. Brown, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, A. N. Deacon, S. J. Freeman, ..., S. Zhu
19 1.89 88 1996/11/04 New Region of Deformation: The Neutron-Rich Sulfur Isotopes H. Scheit, T. Glasmacher, B. A. Brown, J. A. Brown, P. D. Cottle, P. G. Hansen, R. Harkewicz, M. Hellström, R. W. Ibbotson, ..., M. Thoennessen
20 1.84 41 1994/09/26 Proton Inelastic Scattering on Ni56 in Inverse Kinematics G. Kraus, P. Egelho, C. Fischer, H. Geissel, A. Himmler, F. Nickel, G. Münzenberg, W. Schwab, A. Weiss, ..., B. A. Brown