Papers by S. G. Louie

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 20.95 424 2006/11/22 Energy Gaps in Graphene Nanoribbons Y. W. Son, M. L. Cohen, S. G. Louie
2 12.70 90 2013/11/20 Optical Spectrum of MoS2: Many-Body Effects and Diversity of Exciton States D. Y. Qiu, F. H. Da Jornada, S. G. Louie
3 11.15 757 1982/08/15 Nonlinear ionic pseudopotentials in spin-density-functional calculations S. G. Louie, S. Froyen, M. L. Cohen
4 9.47 139 1996/02/05 Pure Carbon Nanoscale Devices: Nanotube Heterojunctions L. Chico, V. H. Crespi, L. X. Benedict, S. G. Louie, M. L. Cohen
5 8.50 115 2010/12/29 Spin Polarization and Transport of Surface States in the Topological Insulators Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3 from First Principles O. V. Yazyev, J. E. Moore, S. G. Louie
6 7.83 927 1986/10/15 Electron correlation in semiconductors and insulators: Band gaps and quasiparticle energies M. S. Hybertsen, S. G. Louie
7 7.28 222 1994/03/21 Hybridization effects and metallicity in small radius carbon nanotubes X. Blase, L. X. Benedict, E. L. Shirley, S. G. Louie
8 7.25 233 2004/02/20 Excitonic Effects and Optical Spectra of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes C. D. Spataru, S. Ismail-Beigi, L. X. Benedict, S. G. Louie
9 6.51 363 1985/09/23 First-Principles Theory of Quasiparticles: Calculation of Band Gaps in Semiconductors and Insulators M. S. Hybertsen, S. G. Louie
10 5.89 103 2007/11/01 Quasiparticle Energies and Band Gaps in Graphene Nanoribbons L. Yang, C. H. Park, Y. W. Son, M. L. Cohen, S. G. Louie
11 5.67 94 2009/10/28 Excitonic Effects on the Optical Response of Graphene and Bilayer Graphene L. Yang, J. Deslippe, C. H. Park, M. L. Cohen, S. G. Louie
12 4.85 168 1975/11/15 Self-consistent pseudopotential calculations for Si (111) surfaces: Unreconstructed (1×1) and reconstructed (2×1) model structures M. Schlüter, J. R. Chelikowsky, S. G. Louie, M. L. Cohen
13 4.68 229 2000/08/15 Electron-hole excitations and optical spectra from first principles M. Rohlfing, S. G. Louie
14 3.67 115 2002/07/30 First-principles calculation of the superconducting transition in MgB2 within the anisotropic Eliashberg formalism H. J. Choi, D. Roundy, H. Sun, M. L. Cohen, S. G. Louie
15 3.46 54 2003/03/31 Ab initio calculation of the electronic and optical properties of solid pentacene M. L. Tiago, J. E. Northrup, S. G. Louie
16 3.33 114 2006/11/22 Renormalization of Molecular Electronic Levels at Metal-Molecule Interfaces J. B. Neaton, M. S. Hybertsen, S. G. Louie
17 3.25 161 1998/09/14 Electron-Hole Excitations in Semiconductors and Insulators M. Rohlfing, S. G. Louie
18 3.19 76 2007/08/23 Velocity Renormalization and Carrier Lifetime in Graphene from the Electron-Phonon Interaction C. H. Park, F. Giustino, M. L. Cohen, S. G. Louie
19 3.17 110 1984/03/15 First-principles linear combination of atomic orbitals method for the cohesive and structural properties of solids: Application to diamond J. R. Chelikowsky, S. G. Louie
20 3.11 75 1988/05/15 First-principles calculation of highly asymmetric structure in scanning-tunneling-microscopy images of graphite D. Tománek, S. G. Louie