Papers by L. G. Yaffe

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.10 487 1981/01/01 QCD and instantons at finite temperature D. J. Gross, R. D. Pisarski, L. G. Yaffe
2 3.44 37 2011/01/10 Holography and Colliding Gravitational Shock Waves in Asymptotically AdS5 Spacetime P. M. Chesler, L. G. Yaffe
3 3.19 38 2010/07/19 Boost invariant flow, black hole formation, and far-from-equilibrium dynamics in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory P. M. Chesler, L. G. Yaffe
4 2.65 66 2005/02/23 Apparent Thermalization due to Plasma Instabilities in the Quark-Gluon Plasma P. Arnold, J. Lenaghan, G. D. Moore, L. G. Yaffe
5 2.64 47 2009/05/29 Horizon Formation and Far-from-Equilibrium Isotropization in a Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma P. M. Chesler, L. G. Yaffe
6 2.45 90 1996/05/15 From quantum field theory to hydrodynamics: Transport coefficients and effective kinetic theory S. Jeon, L. G. Yaffe
7 2.43 56 2008/09/24 Center-stabilized Yang-Mills theory: Confinement and large N volume independence M. Ünsal, L. G. Yaffe
8 2.02 90 1982/01/15 Instability of flat space at finite temperature D. J. Gross, M. J. Perry, L. G. Yaffe
9 1.75 75 1982/08/15 First-order phase transition in the SU(3) gauge theory at finite temperature L. G. Yaffe, B. Svetitsky
10 1.36 106 1982/04/01 Large N limits as classical mechanics L. G. Yaffe
11 1.31 41 2005/09/08 Fate of non-Abelian plasma instabilities in 3+1 dimensions P. Arnold, G. D. Moore, L. G. Yaffe
12 1.20 28 2006/11/22 (In)validity of large N orientifold equivalence M. Ünsal, L. G. Yaffe
13 0.97 42 1997/05/15 The hot baryon violation rate is O(αw5T4) P. Arnold, D. Son, L. G. Yaffe
14 0.84 35 1989/11/15 Static solutions of SU(2)-Higgs theory L. G. Yaffe
15 0.65 25 2007/10/09 Wake of a Quark Moving through a Strongly Coupled N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma P. M. Chesler, L. G. Yaffe
16 0.65 25 2009/06/17 Light quark energy loss in strongly coupled N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma P. M. Chesler, K. Jensen, A. Karch, L. G. Yaffe
17 0.64 21 2003/07/07 Hydrodynamic fluctuations, long-time tails, and supersymmetry P. Kovtun, L. G. Yaffe
18 0.63 20 1994/03/15 The ε expansion and the electroweak phase transition P. Arnold, L. G. Yaffe
19 0.55 25 2008/08/14 Stress-energy tensor of a quark moving through a strongly-coupled N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma: Comparing hydrodynamics and AdS/CFT duality P. M. Chesler, L. G. Yaffe
20 0.52 44 1999/04/23 Effective dynamics of hot, soft non-Abelian gauge fields: Color conductivity and log(1/α) effects P. Arnold, D. T. Son, L. G. Yaffe