Papers by C. Noguera

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1 0.49 24 2004/11/17 Using Polarity for Engineering Oxide Nanostructures: Structural Phase Diagram in Free and Supported MgO(111) Ultrathin Films J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera, L. Giordano
2 0.41 14 1990/10/15 Electronic structure of yttrium oxide F. Jollet, C. Noguera, N. Thromat, M. Gautier, J. P. Duraud
3 0.39 24 2007/05/17 Prediction of Uncompensated Polarity in Ultrathin Films J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera, L. Giordano
4 0.32 21 2002/08/29 Microscopic mechanisms of stabilization of polar oxide surfaces: Transition metals on the MgO(111) surface J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
5 0.24 20 2003/07/21 Stability and electronic structure of the (1×1) SrTiO3(110) polar surfaces by first-principles calculations F. Bottin, F. Finocchi, C. Noguera
6 0.17 18 1999/02/15 Interaction between oxygen vacancies on MgO(100) F. Finocchi, J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
7 0.11 18 1984/11/15 Auger and photoelectron contributions to the electron-yield surface extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure signal J. Stöhr, C. Noguera, T. Kendelewicz
8 0.09 16 2004/03/30 Stability of Rocksalt (111) Polar Surfaces: Beyond the Octopole F. Finocchi, A. Barbier, J. Jupille, C. Noguera
9 0.06 24 1999/12/15 Characteristics of Pd deposition on the MgO(111) surface J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
10 0.05 7 1991/10/15 Electronic structure and atomic arrangement around Zr substituted for Y in Y2O3 N. Thromat, C. Noguera, M. Gautier, F. Jollet, J. P. Duraud
11 0.03 1 2015/04/21 Stoichiometry engineering of ternary oxide ultrathin films: BaxTi2O3 on Au(111) C. Wu, M. R. Castell, J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
12 -0.01 20 1988/02/15 Critical properties of a spin-(1/2 chain with competing interactions V. J. Emery, C. Noguera
13 -0.05 15 1977/05/16 Is the Observed Photoemission Peak near the Fermi Level on the (100) Face of Mo a Surface State? C. Noguera, D. Spanjaard, D. Jepsen, Y. Ballu, C. Guillot, J. Lecante, J. Paigne, Y. Petro, R. Pinchaux, ..., R. Cinti
14 -0.09 7 2010/05/03 Polarity of ultrathin MgO(111) films deposited on a metal substrate J. Goniakowski, L. Giordano, C. Noguera
15 -0.11 10 2009/04/21 Polarization and rumpling in oxide monolayers deposited on metallic substrates J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
16 -0.13 15 1991/09/15 Electronic structure of a metal-insulator interface: Towards a theory of nonreactive adhesion G. Bordier, C. Noguera
17 -0.15 7 2011/03/10 Polarity at the nanoscale J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera
18 -0.15 11 1978/01/15 Calculation of the density of states at the (100) and the (110) surfaces of molybdenum C. Noguera, D. Spanjaard, D. W. Jepsen
19 -0.19 4 2012/11/06 Electronic and electrostatic properties of polar oxide nanostructures: MgO(111) islands on Au(111) N. Nilius, S. Benedetti, Y. Pan, P. Myrach, C. Noguera, L. Giordano, J. Goniakowski
20 -0.23 4 2013/05/17 Polarity effects in unsupported polar nanoribbons F. Güller, A. M. Llois, J. Goniakowski, C. Noguera