Papers by A. D. Stone

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 16.68 488 1985/10/07 Universal Conductance Fluctuations in Metals P. A. Lee, A. D. Stone
2 9.27 88 2010/07/26 Coherent Perfect Absorbers: Time-Reversed Lasers Y. D. Chong, L. Ge, H. Cao, A. D. Stone
3 8.10 119 2011/03/02 PT-Symmetry Breaking and Laser-Absorber Modes in Optical Scattering Systems Y. D. Chong, L. Ge, A. D. Stone
4 5.34 192 1990/11/05 Conductance fluctuations in the ballistic regime: A probe of quantum chaos? R. A. Jalabert, H. U. Baranger, A. D. Stone
5 4.86 119 1986/05/05 Sensitivity of the Conductance of a Disordered Metal to the Motion of a Single Atom: Implications for 1f Noise S. Feng, P. A. Lee, A. D. Stone
6 4.78 412 1987/01/15 Universal conductance fluctuations in metals: Effects of finite temperature, interactions, and magnetic field P. A. Lee, A. D. Stone, H. Fukuyama
7 4.24 147 1985/06/24 Magnetoresistance Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Wires and Rings A. D. Stone
8 3.90 115 1991/11/15 Classical and quantum ballistic-transport anomalies in microjunctions H. U. Baranger, D. P. Divincenzo, R. A. Jalabert, A. D. Stone
9 3.32 146 1988/08/15 Correlations and Fluctuations of Coherent Wave Transmission through Disordered Media S. Feng, C. Kane, P. A. Lee, A. D. Stone
10 3.15 84 1986/06/30 Universal conductance fluctuations in silicon inversion-layer nanostructures W. J. Skocpol, P. M. Mankiewich, R. E. Howard, L. D. Jackel, D. M. Tennant, A. D. Stone
11 3.06 40 2002/10/08 Resonant Cooper-Pair Tunneling: Quantum Noise and Measurement Characteristics A. A. Clerk, S. M. Girvin, A. K. Nguyen, A. D. Stone
12 2.93 42 2012/02/02 Conservation relations and anisotropic transmission resonances in one-dimensional PT-symmetric photonic heterostructures L. Ge, Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone
13 2.89 144 1989/01/16 Theory of Quantum Conduction through a Constriction A. Szafer, A. D. Stone
14 2.80 47 2012/04/24 Pump-Induced Exceptional Points in Lasers M. Liertzer, L. Ge, A. Cerjan, A. D. Stone, H. E. Türeci, S. Rotter
15 2.61 118 1985/03/18 Effect of Inelastic Processes on Resonant Tunneling in One Dimension A. D. Stone, P. A. Lee
16 2.52 44 2006/10/31 Self-consistent multimode lasing theory for complex or random lasing media H. E. Türeci, A. D. Stone, B. Collier
17 2.47 19 2013/12/18 Breaking of PT Symmetry in Bounded and Unbounded Scattering Systems P. Ambichl, K. G. Makris, L. Ge, Y. Chong, A. D. Stone, S. Rotter
18 2.19 18 2014/07/21 Parity-Time Symmetry Breaking beyond One Dimension: The Role of Degeneracy L. Ge, A. D. Stone
19 2.14 84 1987/11/23 Random-Matrix Theory and Universal Statistics for Disordered Quantum Conductors K. A. Muttalib, J. L. Pichard, A. D. Stone
20 2.07 182 1989/10/15 Electrical linear-response theory in an arbitrary magnetic field: A new Fermi-surface formation H. U. Baranger, A. D. Stone