Papers by A. M. Turner

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 25.49 584 2011/05/02 Topological semimetal and Fermi-arc surface states in the electronic structure of pyrochlore iridates X. Wan, A. M. Turner, A. Vishwanath, S. Y. Savrasov
2 7.44 228 2010/02/26 Entanglement spectrum of a topological phase in one dimension F. Pollmann, A. M. Turner, E. Berg, M. Oshikawa
3 6.87 121 2012/02/22 Symmetry protection of topological phases in one-dimensional quantum spin systems F. Pollmann, E. Berg, A. M. Turner, M. Oshikawa
4 6.58 135 2011/02/08 Topological phases of one-dimensional fermions: An entanglement point of view A. M. Turner, F. Pollmann, E. Berg
5 2.96 74 2010/12/13 Entanglement and inversion symmetry in topological insulators A. M. Turner, Y. Zhang, A. Vishwanath
6 2.36 50 2010/05/06 Orbital magnetoelectric coupling in band insulators A. M. Essin, A. M. Turner, J. E. Moore, D. Vanderbilt
7 1.91 42 2012/09/24 Detection of symmetry-protected topological phases in one dimension F. Pollmann, A. M. Turner
8 1.83 64 2009/06/26 Theory of Finite-Entanglement Scaling at One-Dimensional Quantum Critical Points F. Pollmann, S. Mukerjee, A. M. Turner, J. E. Moore
9 1.81 21 2012/01/31 Shocks near Jamming L. R. Gómez, A. M. Turner, M. Van Hecke, V. Vitelli
10 1.67 39 2012/04/12 Quantized response and topology of magnetic insulators with inversion symmetry A. M. Turner, Y. Zhang, R. S. Mong, A. Vishwanath
11 1.18 33 2009/12/10 Kinetic magnetism and orbital order in iron telluride A. M. Turner, F. Wang, A. Vishwanath
12 1.15 22 2011/11/23 Entanglement entropy of gapped phases and topological order in three dimensions T. Grover, A. M. Turner, A. Vishwanath
13 0.71 19 2010/04/30 Vortices on curved surfaces A. M. Turner, V. Vitelli, D. R. Nelson
14 0.59 21 2004/11/17 Anomalous Coupling Between Topological Defects and Curvature V. Vitelli, A. M. Turner
15 0.49 13 2013/03/19 Wannier Permanent Wave Functions for Featureless Bosonic Mott Insulators on the 1/3-Filled Kagome Lattice S. A. Parameswaran, I. Kimchi, A. M. Turner, D. M. Stamper-Kurn, A. Vishwanath
16 0.35 13 2013/08/19 Topological phases in gapped edges of fractionalized systems J. Motruk, E. Berg, A. M. Turner, F. Pollmann
17 0.31 25 1984/12/01 Surface electronic properties of Fe(100) A. M. Turner, J. L. Erskine
18 0.27 29 2007/05/11 Nematic Order by Disorder in Spin-2 Bose-Einstein Condensates A. M. Turner, R. Barnett, E. Demler, A. Vishwanath
19 0.18 39 1984/03/15 Experimental bulk electronic properties of ferromagnetic iron A. M. Turner, A. W. Donoho, J. L. Erskine
20 0.04 20 1982/02/01 Surface States and the Photoelectron Spin Polarization of Fe(100) A. M. Turner, Y. J. Chang, J. L. Erskine