Papers by M. P. Fisher

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 17.59 1347 1989/07/01 Boson localization and the superfluid-insulator transition M. P. Fisher, P. B. Weichman, G. Grinstein, D. S. Fisher
2 14.37 876 1991/01/01 Thermal fluctuations, quenched disorder, phase transitions, and transport in type-II superconductors D. S. Fisher, M. P. Fisher, D. A. Huse
3 14.09 1202 1987/01/01 Dynamics of the dissipative two-state system A. J. Leggett, S. Chakravarty, A. T. Dorsey, M. P. Fisher, A. Garg, W. Zwerger
4 8.55 527 1989/03/20 Vortex-glass superconductivity: A possible new phase in bulk high-Tc oxides M. P. Fisher
5 7.96 276 1994/09/15 Integer quantum Hall transition: An alternative approach and exact results A. W. Ludwig, M. P. Fisher, R. Shankar, G. Grinstein
6 6.59 599 1992/12/15 Transmission through barriers and resonant tunneling in an interacting one-dimensional electron gas C. L. Kane, M. P. Fisher
7 5.90 253 2000/09/15 Z2 gauge theory of electron fractionalization in strongly correlated systems T. Senthil, M. P. Fisher
8 5.85 463 1992/02/24 Transport in a one-channel Luttinger liquid C. L. Kane, M. P. Fisher
9 5.81 243 2004/10/15 Quantum criticality beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm T. Senthil, L. Balents, S. Sachdev, A. Vishwanath, M. P. Fisher
10 5.48 320 1989/10/02 Experimental evidence for vortex-glass superconductivity in Y-Ba-Cu-O R. H. Koch, V. Foglietti, W. J. Gallagher, G. Koren, A. Gupta, M. P. Fisher
11 5.06 227 1990/01/29 Presence of quantum diffusion in two dimensions: Universal resistance at the superconductor-insulator transition M. P. Fisher, G. Grinstein, S. M. Girvin
12 4.93 148 2007/12/06 Particle-Hole Symmetry and the ν=52 Quantum Hall State S. S. Lee, S. Ryu, C. Nayak, M. P. Fisher
13 4.78 177 2004/02/12 Pyrochlore photons: The U(1) spin liquid in a S=12 three-dimensional frustrated magnet M. Hermele, M. P. Fisher, L. Balents
14 4.74 212 1997/12/22 Coulomb Interactions and Mesoscopic Effects in Carbon Nanotubes C. Kane, L. Balents, M. P. Fisher
15 4.27 145 2002/05/29 Fractionalization in an easy-axis Kagome antiferromagnet L. Balents, M. P. Fisher, S. M. Girvin
16 4.18 236 1990/08/13 Quantum phase transitions in disordered two-dimensional superconductors M. P. Fisher
17 4.07 61 2014/03/12 Universal Topological Quantum Computation from a Superconductor-Abelian Quantum Hall Heterostructure R. S. Mong, D. J. Clarke, J. Alicea, N. H. Lindner, P. Fendley, C. Nayak, Y. Oreg, A. Stern, E. Berg, ..., M. P. Fisher
18 3.93 106 2006/08/23 Graphene integer quantum Hall effect in the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic regimes J. Alicea, M. P. Fisher
19 3.79 117 2004/12/30 Stability of U(1) spin liquids in two dimensions M. Hermele, T. Senthil, M. P. Fisher, P. A. Lee, N. Nagaosa, X. G. Wen
20 3.79 185 1996/05/01 Weak-coupling phase diagram of the two-chain Hubbard model L. Balents, M. P. Fisher