Papers by P. Ye

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.52 67 2013/06/10 Chiral gauge field and axial anomaly in a Weyl semimetal C. X. Liu, P. Ye, X. L. Qi
2 1.26 26 2013/05/23 Projective construction of two-dimensional symmetry-protected topological phases with U(1), SO(3), or SU(2) symmetries P. Ye, X. G. Wen
3 0.91 20 2014/01/21 Constructing symmetric topological phases of bosons in three dimensions via fermionic projective construction and dyon condensation P. Ye, X. G. Wen
4 0.90 12 2015/06/19 Vortex-Line Condensation in Three Dimensions: A Physical Mechanism for Bosonic Topological Insulators P. Ye, Z. C. Gu
5 0.89 15 2013/12/10 Symmetry-protected topological phases with charge and spin symmetries: Response theory and dynamical gauge theory in two and three dimensions P. Ye, J. Wang
6 0.30 4 2016/05/31 Topological quantum field theory of three-dimensional bosonic Abelian-symmetry-protected topological phases P. Ye, Z. C. Gu
7 0.16 12 2014/12/24 U(1)×U(1) symmetry-protected topological order in Gutzwiller wave functions Z. X. Liu, J. W. Mei, P. Ye, X. G. Wen
8 0.13 1 2016/08/08 Topological density-wave states in a particle-hole symmetric Weyl metal Y. Wang, P. Ye
9 0.04 1 2016/09/02 Composite particle theory of three-dimensional gapped fermionic phases: Fractional topological insulators and charge-loop excitation symmetry P. Ye, T. L. Hughes, J. Maciejko, E. Fradkin
10 0.01 11 1983/10/15 Local-field effect on linear and nonlinear optical properties of adsorbed molecules P. Ye, Y. R. Shen
11 -0.01 4 2015/02/20 Free-fermion entanglement spectrum through Wannier interpolation C. H. Lee, P. Ye
12 -0.05 11 1982/04/01 Transient four-wave mixing and coherent transient optical phenomena P. Ye, Y. R. Shen
13 -0.08 0 2016/12/15 Symmetry enrichment in three-dimensional topological phases S. Q. Ning, Z. X. Liu, P. Ye
14 -0.21 7 2011/04/07 Confinement-Deconfinement Interplay in Quantum Phases of Doped Mott Insulators P. Ye, C. S. Tian, X. L. Qi, Z. Y. Weng
15 -0.23 2 2014/08/13 Full Quantum Trajectories Resolved High-Order Harmonic Generation P. Ye, X. He, H. Teng, M. Zhan, S. Zhong, W. Zhang, L. Wang, Z. Wei
16 -0.36 1 1996/08/01 Phase-modulation effects in self-diffraction Q. Yang, J. Si, Y. Wang, P. Ye
17 -0.38 0 1984/11/15 Erratum: Local-field effect on linear and nonlinear optical properties of absorbed molecules P. Ye, Y. R. Shen
18 -0.51 0 2003/01/14 Nonlinear phase mismatch and optimal input combination in atomic four-wave mixing in Bose-Einstein condensates Q. Yang, J. T. Seo, S. Creekmore, D. A. Temple, P. Ye, C. Bonner, M. Namkung, S. S. Jung, J. H. Kim
19 -0.62 0 2014/07/09 Sign structure and ground-state properties for a spinS tJ chain Q. R. Wang, P. Ye
20 -0.62 1 2012/05/29 Superconductivity in mutual Chern-Simons gauge theory P. Ye, L. Zhang, Z. Y. Weng