Papers by H. Fujisaka

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.72 38 1982/09/01 Diffusion in discrete nonlinear dynamical systems S. Grossmann, H. Fujisaka
2 0.11 23 2001/02/21 Dynamic phase transition in a time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau model in an oscillating field H. Fujisaka, H. Tutu, P. A. Rikvold
3 -0.05 8 2001/01/17 Transport and entropy production due to chaos or turbulence H. Mori, H. Fujisaka
4 -0.08 9 1996/10/01 Phase ordering kinetics in the Swift-Hohenberg equation K. Ouchi, H. Fujisaka
5 -0.11 7 1998/02/01 Scaling law for coherent vortices in decaying drift Rossby wave turbulence T. Watanabe, T. Iwayama, H. Fujisaka
6 -0.12 8 1983/10/01 Anomalous enhancement of the diffusion coefficient near the intermittency transition H. Koga, H. Fujisaka, M. Inoue
7 -0.15 9 1994/10/01 Ordering process and Bloch-wall dynamics in a nearly one-dimensional anisotropic spin system H. Tutu, H. Fujisaka
8 -0.19 1 2002/01/24 Universality of chaotic rare fluctuations in a locally coupled phase map model T. Watanabe, Y. Tsubo, H. Fujisaka
9 -0.21 5 1997/07/01 Globally and randomly coupled Ginzburg-Landau maps S. Uchiyama, H. Fujisaka
10 -0.21 13 2002/09/23 Dynamic phase transitions in the anisotropic XY spin system in an oscillating magnetic field T. Yasui, H. Tutu, M. Yamamoto, H. Fujisaka
11 -0.23 4 1985/07/01 Chaos-induced diffusive motion in a modeled-dislocation system: A scaling property of characteristic exponents M. Inoue, H. Fujisaka
12 -0.24 6 1997/05/01 Dynamical scaling law in the development of drift wave turbulence T. Watanabe, H. Fujisaka, T. Iwayama
13 -0.25 1 2002/06/25 Stability of oscillatory retrieval solutions in the oscillator neural network without Lyapunov functions S. Uchiyama, H. Fujisaka
14 -0.26 6 1988/10/01 Scaling structures of fluctuation spectra near chaotic transition points H. Fujisaka, R. Hagihara, M. Inoue
15 -0.27 8 1990/05/15 Statistical-physical theory of multivariate temporal fluctuations: Global characterization and temporal correlation H. Fujisaka, M. Inoue
16 -0.28 3 1992/05/15 Scaling law of order-q power spectra for infinite time correlations near band-splitting points H. Shibata, S. Ando, H. Fujisaka
17 -0.28 0 2008/08/28 Dynamics in the anisotropic XY model driven by dichotomous Markov noise K. Ouchi, T. Horita, N. Tsukamoto, N. Fujiwara, H. Fujisaka
18 -0.30 7 1989/02/01 Ensemble processing and the global characterization of temporal and spatial fluctuations H. Fujisaka, M. Inoue
19 -0.31 6 2001/01/26 Scaling hypothesis leading to extended self-similarity in turbulence H. Fujisaka, S. Grossmann
20 -0.32 4 2001/08/06 On-off convection: Noise-induced intermittency near the convection threshold H. Fujisaka, K. Ouchi, H. Ohara