Papers by T. H. Hansson

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.73 332 1989/01/02 Effective-Field-Theory Model for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect S. C. Zhang, T. H. Hansson, S. Kivelson
2 0.98 37 2006/08/31 Pfaffian quantum Hall state made simple: Multiple vacua and domain walls on a thin torus E. J. Bergholtz, J. Kailasvuori, E. Wikberg, T. H. Hansson, A. Karlhede
3 0.50 45 1983/04/01 Meson, baryon, and glueball masses in the MIT bag model C. E. Carlson, T. H. Hansson, C. Peterson
4 0.40 25 1983/08/15 Cavity quantum chromodynamics T. H. Hansson, R. L. Jaffe
5 0.33 26 2007/12/19 Microscopic Theory of the Quantum Hall Hierarchy E. J. Bergholtz, T. H. Hansson, M. Hermanns, A. Karlhede
6 0.32 16 2009/04/23 Conformal Field Theory Approach to Abelian and Non-Abelian Quantum Hall Quasielectrons T. H. Hansson, M. Hermanns, N. Regnault, S. Viefers
7 0.17 21 2007/08/29 Composite-fermion wave functions as correlators in conformal field theory T. H. Hansson, C. C. Chang, J. K. Jain, S. Viefers
8 0.17 5 2010/02/05 Reconstructing Nonlinearities with Intermodulation Spectroscopy C. Hutter, D. Platz, E. A. Tholén, T. H. Hansson, D. B. Haviland
9 0.13 35 2000/10/16 Bose condensates at high angular momenta S. Viefers, T. H. Hansson, S. M. Reimann
10 0.13 18 2009/10/26 Quantum Hall quasielectron operators in conformal field theory T. H. Hansson, M. Hermanns, S. Viefers
11 0.12 13 1987/06/08 Electric and magnetic properties of hot gluons T. H. Hansson, I. Zahed
12 0.04 15 2007/02/12 Conformal Field Theory of Composite Fermions T. H. Hansson, C. C. Chang, J. K. Jain, S. Viefers
13 0.04 8 2014/03/12 Hall viscosity of hierarchical quantum Hall states M. Fremling, T. H. Hansson, J. Suorsa
14 0.01 26 1982/10/15 Quantum-chromodynamic vacuum as a glueball condensate T. H. Hansson, K. Johnson, C. Peterson
15 -0.06 15 1982/07/15 Loop diagrams in boxes C. Peterson, T. H. Hansson, K. Johnson
16 -0.10 4 1996/10/15 Nonlinear σ model for partially polarized quantum Hall states T. H. Hansson, A. Karlhede, J. M. Leinaas
17 -0.16 9 2004/06/22 Effective photon-photon interaction in a two-dimensional “photon fluid” R. Y. Chiao, T. H. Hansson, J. M. Leinaas, S. Viefers
18 -0.20 2 1999/01/28 Simple derivation of the hard thermal loop effective action P. Elmfors, T. H. Hansson, I. Zahed
19 -0.20 14 2008/04/17 Quantum Hall hierarchy wave functions: From conformal correlators to Tao-Thouless states E. J. Bergholtz, T. H. Hansson, M. Hermanns, A. Karlhede, S. Viefers
20 -0.20 3 1993/06/15 Quantum mechanics on thin cylinders E. Westerberg, T. H. Hansson