Papers by H. Gao

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.14 7 2015/12/23 Testing Einstein’s Equivalence Principle With Fast Radio Bursts J. J. Wei, H. Gao, X. F. Wu, P. Mészáros
2 3.35 21 2014/10/06 Relativistic Néel-Order Fields Induced by Electrical Current in Antiferromagnets J. Železný, H. Gao, K. Výborný, J. Zemen, J. Mašek, A. Manchon, J. Wunderlich, J. Sinova, T. Jungwirth
3 3.26 4 2016/07/29 Testing Einstein’s weak equivalence principle with gravitational waves X. F. Wu, H. Gao, J. J. Wei, P. Mészáros, B. Zhang, Z. G. Dai, S. N. Zhang, Z. H. Zhu
4 2.91 9 2015/04/01 Intraband and interband spin-orbit torques in noncentrosymmetric ferromagnets H. Li, H. Gao, L. P. Zârbo, K. Výborný, X. Wang, I. Garate, F. Doǧan, A. Čejchan, J. Sinova, ..., A. Manchon
5 2.21 57 1997/05/19 Measurement of the Proton's Neutral Weak Magnetic Form Factor B. Mueller, D. H. Beck, E. J. Beise, E. Candell, L. Cardman, R. Carr, R. C. Dibari, G. Dodson, K. Dow, ..., SAMPLE Collaboration
6 1.82 66 2004/07/21 Measurements of electron-proton elastic cross sections for 0.4<Q2<5.5(GeVc)2 M. E. Christy, A. Ahmidouch, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, S. Avery, O. K. Baker, D. H. Beck, H. P. Blok, ..., V. Ziskin
7 1.39 54 2004/12/27 Precision measurement of the neutron spin asymmetries and spin-dependent structure functions in the valence quark region X. Zheng, K. Aniol, D. S. Armstrong, T. D. Averett, W. Bertozzi, S. Binet, E. Burtin, E. Busato, C. Butuceanu, ..., Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
8 1.37 28 2009/11/13 New Measurements of the European Muon Collaboration Effect in Very Light Nuclei J. Seely, A. Daniel, D. Gaskell, J. Arrington, N. Fomin, P. Solvignon, R. Asaturyan, F. Benmokhtar, W. Boeglin, ..., X. Zheng
9 1.36 40 2011/08/10 Single Spin Asymmetries in Charged Pion Production from Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering on a Transversely Polarized He3 Target at Q2=1.42.7 GeV2 X. Qian, K. Allada, C. Dutta, J. Huang, J. Katich, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, K. Aniol, J. R. Annand, ..., Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
10 1.30 73 2001/08/21 Measurements of the elastic electromagnetic form factor ratio μpGEp/GMp via polarization transfer O. Gayou, K. Wijesooriya, A. Afanasev, M. Amarian, K. Aniol, S. Becher, K. Benslama, L. Bimbot, P. Bosted, ..., Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
11 0.98 76 2000/05/01 Evidence for a Single-Spin Azimuthal Asymmetry in Semi-inclusive Pion Electroproduction A. Airapetian, N. Akopov, M. Amarian, E. C. Aschenauer, H. Avakian, R. Avakian, A. Avetissian, E. Avetissian, B. Bains, ..., HERMES Collaboration
12 0.85 57 2000/10/02 Transverse Asymmetry AT from the Quasielastic 3He(e,e) Process and the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor W. Xu, D. Dutta, F. Xiong, B. Anderson, L. Auberbach, T. Averett, W. Bertozzi, T. Black, J. Calarco, ..., P. Żołnierczuk
13 0.81 58 2000/08/07 Experimental Verification of Quark-Hadron Duality I. Niculescu, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, K. A. Assamagan, O. K. Baker, D. H. Beck, C. W. Bochna, R. D. Carlini, J. Cha, ..., B. Zeidman
14 0.78 54 1994/03/28 Momentum transfer dependence of nuclear transparency from the quasielastic C12(e,ep) reaction N. C. Makins, R. Ent, M. S. Chapman, J. O. Hansen, K. Lee, R. G. Milner, J. Nelson, R. G. Arnold, P. E. Bosted, ..., C. E. Jones
15 0.58 6 2011/06/07 Surface Wrinkling Patterns on a Core-Shell Soft Sphere B. Li, F. Jia, Y. P. Cao, X. Q. Feng, H. Gao
16 0.48 3 2007/07/18 First-principles study of the dependence of ground-state structural properties on the dimensionality and size of ZnO nanostructures C. Li, W. Guo, Y. Kong, H. Gao
17 0.45 45 1998/12/21 Flavor Asymmetry of the Light Quark Sea from Semi-inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering K. Ackersta, A. Airapetian, N. Akopov, I. Akushevich, M. Amarian, E. C. Ashenauer, H. Avakian, R. Avakian, A. Avetissian, ..., HERMES Collaboration
18 0.43 28 2004/03/10 Parity-Violating Electron Deuteron Scattering and the Proton’s Neutral Weak Axial Vector Form Factor T. M. Ito, T. Averett, D. Barkhu, G. Batigne, D. H. Beck, E. J. Beise, A. Blake, H. Breuer, R. Carr, ..., SAMPLE Collaboration
19 0.37 20 2003/09/15 Energy Dissipation in Gigahertz Oscillators from Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes W. Guo, Y. Guo, H. Gao, Q. Zheng, W. Zhong
20 0.37 22 2007/12/14 Measurement of Nuclear Transparency for the A(e,eπ+) Reaction B. Clasie, X. Qian, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, F. Benmokhtar, W. Boeglin, P. Bosted, A. Bruell, M. E. Christy, ..., X. C. Zheng