Papers by G. E. Bauer

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 12.51 105 2010/06/14 Theory of magnon-driven spin Seebeck effect J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, K. C. Uchida, E. Saitoh, S. Maekawa
2 8.64 83 2013/05/13 Spin Hall Magnetoresistance Induced by a Nonequilibrium Proximity Effect H. Nakayama, M. Althammer, Y. T. Chen, K. Uchida, Y. Kajiwara, D. Kikuchi, T. Ohtani, S. Geprägs, M. Opel, ..., E. Saitoh
3 7.25 327 2002/02/28 Enhanced Gilbert Damping in Thin Ferromagnetic Films Y. Tserkovnyak, A. Brataas, G. E. Bauer
4 6.60 186 2004/07/12 Suppression of the persistent spin Hall current by defect scattering J. I. Inoue, G. E. Bauer, L. W. Molenkamp
5 6.53 66 2013/04/12 Theory of spin Hall magnetoresistance Y. T. Chen, S. Takahashi, H. Nakayama, M. Althammer, S. T. Goennenwein, E. Saitoh, G. E. Bauer
6 5.86 192 2000/03/13 Finite-Element Theory of Transport in Ferromagnet–Normal Metal Systems A. Brataas, Y. V. Nazarov, G. E. Bauer
7 5.39 95 2003/01/31 Diffuse transport and spin accumulation in a Rashba two-dimensional electron gas J. I. Inoue, G. E. Bauer, L. W. Molenkamp
8 4.88 57 2013/06/05 Quantitative study of the spin Hall magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic insulator/normal metal hybrids M. Althammer, S. Meyer, H. Nakayama, M. Schreier, S. Altmannshofer, M. Weiler, H. Huebl, S. Geprägs, M. Opel, ..., S. T. Goennenwein
9 4.76 80 2010/12/01 Detection and quantification of inverse spin Hall effect from spin pumping in permalloy/normal metal bilayers O. Mosendz, V. Vlaminck, J. E. Pearson, F. Y. Fradin, G. E. Bauer, S. D. Bader, A. Hoffmann
10 4.59 99 2010/01/28 Quantifying Spin Hall Angles from Spin Pumping: Experiments and Theory O. Mosendz, J. E. Pearson, F. Y. Fradin, G. E. Bauer, S. D. Bader, A. Hoffmann
11 4.54 255 2005/12/01 Nonlocal magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic heterostructures Y. Tserkovnyak, A. Brataas, G. E. Bauer, B. I. Halperin
12 4.24 37 2013/05/23 Spin Backflow and ac Voltage Generation by Spin Pumping and the Inverse Spin Hall Effect H. Jiao, G. E. Bauer
13 4.00 50 2013/10/23 Experimental Test of the Spin Mixing Interface Conductivity Concept M. Weiler, M. Althammer, M. Schreier, J. Lotze, M. Pernpeintner, S. Meyer, H. Huebl, R. Gross, A. Kamra, ..., S. T. Goennenwein
14 3.86 123 2002/08/29 Spin battery operated by ferromagnetic resonance A. Brataas, Y. Tserkovnyak, G. E. Bauer, B. I. Halperin
15 3.76 84 2003/05/09 Dynamic Exchange Coupling in Magnetic Bilayers B. Heinrich, Y. Tserkovnyak, G. Woltersdor, A. Brataas, R. Urban, G. E. Bauer
16 3.75 36 2013/09/09 Magnon, phonon, and electron temperature profiles and the spin Seebeck effect in magnetic insulator/normal metal hybrid structures M. Schreier, A. Kamra, M. Weiler, J. Xiao, G. E. Bauer, R. Gross, S. T. Goennenwein
17 3.39 87 2002/05/23 Spin torques in ferromagnetic/normal-metal structures K. Xia, P. J. Kelly, G. E. Bauer, A. Brataas, I. Turek
18 3.24 5 2016/07/11 Magnon spin transport driven by the magnon chemical potential in a magnetic insulator L. J. Cornelissen, K. J. Peters, G. E. Bauer, R. A. Duine, B. J. Wees
19 3.23 59 2007/08/07 Thermal Spin-Transfer Torque in Magnetoelectronic Devices M. Hatami, G. E. Bauer, Q. Zhang, P. J. Kelly
20 3.09 24 2014/07/07 Observation of the Spin Peltier Effect for Magnetic Insulators J. Flipse, F. K. Dejene, D. Wagenaar, G. E. Bauer, J. B. Youssef, B. J. Wees