Papers by Y. S. Wu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.05 91 1986/08/25 Manifestations of Berry's Topological Phase for the Photon R. Y. Chiao, Y. S. Wu
2 5.10 124 2006/08/10 Topological quantization of the spin Hall effect in two-dimensional paramagnetic semiconductors X. L. Qi, Y. S. Wu, S. C. Zhang
3 3.98 65 2006/07/26 General theorem relating the bulk topological number to edge states in two-dimensional insulators X. L. Qi, Y. S. Wu, S. C. Zhang
4 2.23 243 1985/03/15 Quantized Hall conductance as a topological invariant Q. Niu, D. J. Thouless, Y. S. Wu
5 2.15 86 1984/06/11 General Theory for Quantum Statistics in Two Dimensions Y. S. Wu
6 2.11 65 1990/01/15 Implications of a cosmological constant varying as R-2 W. Chen, Y. S. Wu
7 2.02 101 1994/08/15 Statistical Distribution for Generalized Ideal Gas of Fractional-Statistics Particles Y. S. Wu
8 1.83 2 2016/09/16 Signatures of broken parity and time-reversal symmetry in generalized string-net models E. Lake, Y. S. Wu
9 1.81 29 2013/03/11 Twisted quantum double model of topological phases in two dimensions Y. Hu, Y. Wan, Y. S. Wu
10 1.30 33 2011/09/23 Stable Nontrivial Z2 Topology in Ultrathin Bi (111) Films: A First-Principles Study Z. Liu, C. X. Liu, Y. S. Wu, W. H. Duan, F. Liu, J. Wu
11 1.19 58 1985/12/23 Quantum dynamics and statistics of vortices in two-dimensional superfluids F. D. Haldane, Y. S. Wu
12 0.96 76 1984/07/09 Multiparticle Quantum Mechanics Obeying Fractional Statistics Y. S. Wu
13 0.86 42 1984/07/15 Gauge invariance and fractional quantum Hall effect R. Tao, Y. S. Wu
14 0.75 51 1989/02/13 Renormalization of the Statistics Parameter in Three-Dimensional Electrodynamics G. W. Semeno, P. Sodano, Y. S. Wu
15 0.70 15 2013/03/08 Flat Chern Band in a Two-Dimensional Organometallic Framework Z. Liu, Z. F. Wang, J. W. Mei, Y. S. Wu, F. Liu
16 0.67 3 2010/11/24 Superspace formulation in a three-algebra approach to D=3, N=4, 5 superconformal Chern-Simons matter theories F. M. Chen, Y. S. Wu
17 0.66 40 1992/06/15 Diophantine equation for the three-dimensional quantum Hall effect M. Kohmoto, B. I. Halperin, Y. S. Wu
18 0.57 10 1998/08/10 Noncommutative gauge theories in matrix theory P. M. Ho, Y. S. Wu
19 0.45 30 2003/01/22 Quantum phase transition in a multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensate in optical lattices G. H. Chen, Y. S. Wu
20 0.38 57 1993/11/01 Mott transition in an anyon gas W. Chen, M. P. Fisher, Y. S. Wu