Papers by Q. Niu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 19.05 614 2004/03/25 Universal Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect J. Sinova, D. Culcer, Q. Niu, N. A. Sinitsyn, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald
2 18.73 382 2010/07/06 Berry phase effects on electronic properties D. Xiao, M. C. Chang, Q. Niu
3 9.32 216 2002/05/06 Anomalous Hall Effect in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors T. Jungwirth, Q. Niu, A. H. Macdonald
4 8.40 180 2007/12/07 Valley-Contrasting Physics in Graphene: Magnetic Moment and Topological Transport D. Xiao, W. Yao, Q. Niu
5 6.52 120 2008/12/10 Finite Size Effects on Helical Edge States in a Quantum Spin-Hall System B. Zhou, H. Z. Lu, R. L. Chu, S. Q. Shen, Q. Niu
6 6.44 101 2011/04/11 Spontaneous Quantum Hall States in Chirally Stacked Few-Layer Graphene Systems F. Zhang, J. Jung, G. A. Fiete, Q. Niu, A. H. Macdonald
7 6.24 201 1999/06/15 Wave-packet dynamics in slowly perturbed crystals: Gradient corrections and Berry-phase effects G. Sundaram, Q. Niu
8 6.22 133 2010/03/03 Massive Dirac fermions and spin physics in an ultrathin film of topological insulator H. Z. Lu, W. Y. Shan, W. Yao, Q. Niu, S. Q. Shen
9 4.92 168 2004/01/22 First Principles Calculation of Anomalous Hall Conductivity in Ferromagnetic bcc Fe Y. Yao, L. Kleinman, A. H. Macdonald, J. Sinova, T. Jungwirth, D. S. Wang, E. Wang, Q. Niu
10 4.63 152 2001/11/15 Landau and dynamical instabilities of the superflow of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices B. Wu, Q. Niu
11 3.89 88 2004/07/23 Semiclassical Spin Transport in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bands D. Culcer, J. Sinova, N. A. Sinitsyn, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald, Q. Niu
12 3.70 167 1996/06/10 Observation of Atomic Wannier-Stark Ladders in an Accelerating Optical Potential S. R. Wilkinson, C. F. Bharucha, K. W. Madison, Q. Niu, M. G. Raizen
13 3.62 119 2010/10/20 Quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene from Rashba and exchange effects Z. Qiao, S. A. Yang, W. Feng, W. K. Tse, J. Ding, Y. Yao, J. Wang, Q. Niu
14 3.47 115 2000/01/05 Nonlinear Landau-Zener tunneling B. Wu, Q. Niu
15 3.45 26 2014/01/10 Anomalous Hall Effect Arising from Noncollinear Antiferromagnetism H. Chen, Q. Niu, A. H. MacDonald
16 3.26 27 2013/02/05 Unconventional Quantum Hall Effect and Tunable Spin Hall Effect in Dirac Materials: Application to an Isolated MoS2 Trilayer X. Li, F. Zhang, Q. Niu
17 3.21 122 1998/06/15 “Electronic Growth” of Metallic Overlayers on Semiconductor Substrates Z. Zhang, Q. Niu, C. K. Shih
18 3.05 36 2014/03/18 Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Graphene Proximity Coupled to an Antiferromagnetic Insulator Z. Qiao, W. Ren, H. Chen, L. Bellaiche, Z. Zhang, A. H. MacDonald, Q. Niu
19 2.83 50 2011/11/15 Engineering quantum anomalous/valley Hall states in graphene via metal-atom adsorption: An ab-initio study J. Ding, Z. Qiao, W. Feng, Y. Yao, Q. Niu
20 2.79 328 1990/05/01 Ground-state degeneracy of the fractional quantum Hall states in the presence of a random potential and on high-genus Riemann surfaces X. G. Wen, Q. Niu