Papers by C. Gao

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.94 184 2010/10/13 Spin-Orbit Coupled Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates C. Wang, C. Gao, C. M. Jian, H. Zhai
2 0.85 3 2010/09/09 “Cube-on-hexagon” orientation relationship for Fe on GaN(0001¯): The missing link in bcc/hcp epitaxy C. Gao, O. Brandt, S. C. Erwin, J. Lähnemann, U. Jahn, B. Jenichen, H. P. Schönherr
3 0.76 23 2009/02/12 Holographic dark energy model from Ricci scalar curvature C. Gao, F. Wu, X. Chen, Y. G. Shen
4 0.50 7 2012/03/28 Electric-Field Control of Nonvolatile Magnetization in Co40Fe40B20/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)0.7Ti0.3O3 Structure at Room Temperature S. Zhang, Y. G. Zhao, P. S. Li, J. J. Yang, S. Rizwan, J. X. Zhang, J. Seidel, T. L. Qu, Y. J. Yang, ..., R. Ramesh
5 0.50 14 2011/09/23 Coexistence of ferroelectric triclinic phases in highly strained BiFeO3 films Z. Chen, S. Prosandeev, Z. L. Luo, W. Ren, Y. Qi, C. W. Huang, L. You, C. Gao, I. A. Kornev, ..., L. Chen
6 0.44 3 2008/02/07 Shear-induced particle migration in one-, two-, and three-dimensional flows C. Gao, J. F. Gilchrist
7 0.36 12 2013/03/04 Charged black holes in nonlinear massive gravity Y. F. Cai, D. A. Easson, C. Gao, E. N. Saridakis
8 0.36 6 2011/11/29 Black holes in the Universe: Generalized Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi solutions C. Gao, X. Chen, Y. G. Shen, V. Faraoni
9 0.24 12 2009/10/30 Constraining the dark fluid M. Kunz, A. R. Liddle, D. Parkinson, C. Gao
10 0.24 4 2014/10/17 Evolution of anisotropic-to-isotropic photoexcited carrier distribution in graphene X. Q. Yan, J. Yao, Z. B. Liu, X. Zhao, X. D. Chen, C. Gao, W. Xin, Y. Chen, J. G. Tian
11 0.13 17 1988/03/15 Spectral momentum density of graphite from (e,2e) spectroscopy: Comparison with first-principles calculation C. Gao, A. L. Ritter, J. R. Dennison, N. A. Holzwarth
12 0.04 6 1991/08/12 Alternative method of imaging surface topologies of nonconducting bulk specimens by scanning tunneling microscopy J. Y. Yuan, Z. Shao, C. Gao
13 0.01 13 2008/07/03 Does the mass of a black hole decrease due to the accretion of phantom energy? C. Gao, X. Chen, V. Faraoni, Y. G. Shen
14 -0.03 13 1989/02/20 Nature of Carbon-Carbon Bonding in Evaporated and Ion-Sputtered (Diamondlike) Amorphous Carbon from (e, 2e) Spectroscopy C. Gao, Y. Y. Wang, A. L. Ritter, J. R. Dennison
15 -0.03 7 2010/04/30 Modified entropic force C. Gao
16 -0.03 2 2010/04/15 Direct investigation of anisotropic suspension structure in pressure-driven flow C. Gao, S. D. Kulkarni, J. F. Morris, J. F. Gilchrist
17 -0.07 4 2013/08/26 Periodic elastic nanodomains in ultrathin tetragonal-like BiFeO3 films Z. Luo, Z. Chen, Y. Yang, H. J. Liu, C. Huang, H. Huang, H. Wang, M. M. Yang, C. Hu, ..., C. Gao
18 -0.14 4 2012/12/11 Inner-shell resonant absorption effects on evolution dynamics of the charge state distribution in a neon atom interacting with ultraintense x-ray pulses W. Xiang, C. Gao, Y. Fu, J. Zeng, J. Yuan
19 -0.20 0 2016/11/09 Validity boundary of orbital-free molecular dynamics method corresponding to thermal ionization of shell structure C. Gao, S. Zhang, W. Kang, C. Wang, P. Zhang, X. T. He
20 -0.32 6 2010/06/03 Growth and magnetic order of Mn films on Fe(001)-p(1×1)O studied by spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy A. Tange, C. Gao, W. Wulfhekel, J. Kirschner