Papers by S. Zhu

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1 5.17 3 2016/09/26 Results of an all-sky high-frequency Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO’s fifth science run A. Singh, M. A. Papa, H. B. Eggenstein, S. Zhu, H. Pletsch, B. Allen, O. Bock, B. Maschenchalk, R. Prix, ..., X. Siemens
2 1.97 6 2015/12/08 Programmable Extreme Pseudomagnetic Fields in Graphene by a Uniaxial Stretch S. Zhu, J. A. Stroscio, T. Li
3 1.94 63 1986/11/01 Statistical fluctuations in laser transients S. Zhu, A. W. Yu, R. Roy
4 1.91 45 2010/05/28 Collectivity at N=40 in neutron-rich Cr64 A. Gade, R. V. Janssens, T. Baugher, D. Bazin, B. A. Brown, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, A. N. Deacon, S. J. Freeman, ..., S. Zhu
5 1.89 11 2007/07/19 Level structure of Rh92: Implications for the two-proton decay of Ag94m O. L. Pechenaya, C. J. Chiara, D. G. Sarantites, W. Reviol, R. J. Charity, M. P. Carpenter, R. V. Janssens, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, ..., D. Rudolph
6 1.58 21 2009/10/23 Wobbling mode in Ta167 D. J. Hartley, R. V. Janssens, L. L. Riedinger, M. A. Riley, A. Aguilar, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, P. Chowdhury, I. G. Darby, ..., S. Frauendorf
7 1.40 33 2004/12/07 Development of shell closures at N=32,34. II. Lowest yrast excitations in even-even Ti isotopes from deep-inelastic heavy-ion collisions B. Fornal, S. Zhu, R. V. Janssens, M. Honma, R. Broda, P. F. Mantica, B. A. Brown, M. P. Carpenter, P. J. Daly, ..., J. Wrzesiński
8 1.34 33 2006/08/22 K Isomers in No254: Probing Single-Particle Energies and Pairing Strengths in the Heaviest Nuclei S. K. Tandel, T. L. Khoo, D. Seweryniak, G. Mukherjee, I. Ahmad, B. Back, R. Blinstrup, M. P. Carpenter, J. Chapman, ..., S. Zhu
9 1.29 4 2012/10/24 Level structure of 30S: Implications for the astrophysical 29P(p,γ)30S reaction rate in ONe novae and x-ray bursts G. Lotay, J. P. Wallace, P. J. Woods, D. Seweryniak, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, D. T. Doherty, R. V. Janssens, T. Lauritsen, ..., S. Zhu
10 1.20 37 2006/12/26 Level structure of the neutron-rich Cr56,58,60 isotopes: Single-particle and collective aspects S. Zhu, A. N. Deacon, S. J. Freeman, R. V. Janssens, B. Fornal, M. Honma, F. R. Xu, R. Broda, I. R. Calderin, ..., J. Wrzesiński
11 1.12 45 1985/12/16 Quantum Fluctuations, Pump Noise, and the Growth of Laser Radiation R. Roy, A. W. Yu, S. Zhu
12 1.12 19 2013/10/16 Configuration mixing and relative transition rates between low-spin states in 68Ni F. Recchia, C. J. Chiara, R. V. Janssens, D. Weisshaar, A. Gade, W. B. Walters, M. Albers, M. Alcorta, V. M. Bader, ..., S. Zhu
13 1.03 16 2012/12/12 Spectroscopic study of the 64,66,68Ni isotopes populated in 64Ni + 238U collisions R. Broda, T. Pawłat, W. Królas, R. V. Janssens, S. Zhu, W. B. Walters, B. Fornal, C. J. Chiara, M. P. Carpenter, ..., J. Wrzesiński
14 0.99 11 2013/04/11 Evidence for rigid triaxial deformation at low energy in 76Ge Y. Toh, C. J. Chiara, E. A. Mccutchan, W. B. Walters, R. V. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, S. Zhu, R. Broda, B. Fornal, ..., N. Yoshinaga
15 0.92 7 2014/08/11 Ferrimagnetism in the double perovskite Ca2FeOsO6: A density functional study H. Wang, S. Zhu, X. Ou, H. Wu
16 0.86 19 1993/08/01 Band crossing observed in neutron-rich Pd isotopes via spontaneous fission of Cf252 R. Aryaeinejad, J. D. Cole, R. C. Greenwood, S. S. Harrill, N. P. Lohstreter, K. Butler-Moore, S. Zhu, J. H. Hamilton, A. V. Ramayya, ..., Y. Oganessian
17 0.83 11 2013/04/24 Evidence for Multiple Chiral Doublet Bands in Ce133 A. D. Ayangeakaa, U. Garg, M. D. Anthony, S. Frauendor, J. T. Matta, B. K. Nayak, D. Patel, Q. B. Chen, S. Q. Zhang, ..., R. Palit
18 0.75 32 2006/08/16 Cross-shell excitation in two-proton knockout: Structure of Ca52 A. Gade, R. V. Janssens, D. Bazin, R. Broda, B. A. Brown, C. M. Campbell, M. P. Carpenter, J. M. Cook, A. N. Deacon, ..., S. Zhu
19 0.74 11 2009/04/22 Identification of Key Astrophysical Resonances Relevant for the Al26g(p,γ)Si27 Reaction in Wolf-Rayet Stars, AGB stars, and Classical Novae G. Lotay, P. J. Woods, D. Seweryniak, M. P. Carpenter, R. V. Janssens, S. Zhu
20 0.70 22 2006/12/20 Yrast structure of Fe64 N. Hoteling, W. B. Walters, R. V. Janssens, R. Broda, M. P. Carpenter, B. Fornal, A. A. Hecht, M. Hjorth-Jensen, W. Królas, ..., S. Zhu