Papers by T. Hashizume

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.10 64 1994/10/17 Structures of As-Rich GaAs(001)-(2 × 4) Reconstructions T. Hashizume, Q. K. Xue, J. Zhou, A. Ichimiya, T. Sakurai
2 1.79 53 1993/11/01 Intramolecular structures of C60 molecules adsorbed on the Cu(111)-(1×1) surface T. Hashizume, K. Motai, X. D. Wang, H. Shinohara, Y. Saito, Y. Maruyama, K. Ohno, Y. Kawazoe, Y. Nishina, ..., T. Sakurai
3 0.70 40 1995/02/15 Determination of the surface structures of the GaAs(001)-(2×4) As-rich phase T. Hashizume, Q. K. Xue, A. Ichimiya, T. Sakurai
4 0.63 43 1995/04/17 Structures of the Ga-Rich 4×2 and 4×6 Reconstructions of the GaAs(001) Surface Q. Xue, T. Hashizume, J. M. Zhou, T. Sakata, T. Ohno, T. Sakurai
5 0.40 26 1999/05/17 Jahn-Teller Distortion in Dangling-Bond Linear Chains Fabricated on a Hydrogen-Terminated Si(100)- 2×1 Surface T. Hitosugi, S. Heike, T. Onogi, T. Hashizume, S. Watanabe, Z. Q. Li, K. Ohno, Y. Kawazoe, T. Hasegawa, ..., K. Kitazawa
6 0.35 44 1992/08/31 Structural and electronic properties of ordered single and multiple layers of Na on the Si(111) surface D. Jeon, T. Hashizume, T. Sakurai, R. F. Willis
7 0.34 27 1996/12/15 Theoretical study of atomic and electronic structures of atomic wires on an H-terminated Si(100)2×1 surface S. Watanabe, Y. A. Ono, T. Hashizume, Y. Wada
8 0.28 27 1988/09/19 Coverage and Chemical Dependence of Adsorbate-Induced Bond Weakening in Metal Substrate Surfaces F. Sette, T. Hashizume, F. Comin, A. A. Macdowell, P. H. Citrin
9 0.20 25 1993/06/15 Adsorption of C60 and C84 on the Si(100)2×1 surface studied by using the scanning tunneling microscope X. D. Wang, T. Hashizume, H. Shinohara, Y. Saito, Y. Nishina, T. Sakurai
10 0.16 3 2010/12/10 Formation of giant crystalline grain via delayed growth process driven by organic molecular anisotropy A. Al-Mahboob, Y. Fujikawa, J. T. Sadowski, T. Hashizume, T. Sakurai
11 0.13 20 1985/07/29 New result in surface segregation of Ni-Cu binary alloys T. Sakurai, T. Hashizume, A. Jimbo, A. Sakai, S. Hyodo
12 0.01 18 1998/07/27 Electron Conduction through Surface States of the Si(111)-( 7×7) Surface S. Heike, S. Watanabe, Y. Wada, T. Hashizume
13 -0.11 22 1990/05/15 Adsorption of Li (K) on the Si(001)-(2×1) surface: Scanning-tunneling-microscopy study Y. Hasegawa, I. Kamiya, T. Hashizume, T. Sakurai, H. Tochihara, M. Kubota, Y. Murata
14 -0.12 9 1998/03/15 Ferromagnetism in a Hubbard model for an atomic quantum wire: A realization of flat-band magnetism from even-membered rings R. Arita, K. Kuroki, H. Aoki, A. Yajima, M. Tsukada, S. Watanabe, M. Ichimura, T. Onogi, T. Hashizume
15 -0.14 4 1993/11/15 Scanning-tunneling-microscopy study of the solid-phase pure Sc2C84 metallofullerene X. D. Wang, Q. K. Xue, T. Hashizume, H. Shinohara, Y. Nishina, T. Sakurai
16 -0.15 12 1994/07/15 Structure of the Mn-induced Cu(100)-c(2×2) surface H. P. Noh, T. Hashizume, D. Jeon, Y. Kuk, H. W. Pickering, T. Sakurai
17 -0.17 6 1995/10/15 Electronic structure of an atomic wire on a hydrogen-terminated Si(111) surface: First-principles study S. Watanabe, Y. A. Ono, T. Hashizume, Y. Wada, J. Yamauchi, M. Tsukada
18 -0.22 16 1988/08/22 Unoccupied-Band Narrowing in Na and its Effect on the X-Ray-Absorption K Edge P. H. Citrin, G. K. Wertheim, T. Hashizume, F. Sette, A. A. Macdowell, F. Comin
19 -0.23 11 1995/03/15 Superstructures of the Pb/Ge(001) system W. S. Yang, X. D. Wang, K. Cho, J. Kishimoto, T. Hashizume, T. Sakurai
20 -0.24 8 1994/07/15 Missing-dimer complexes and dimers on the Ge(001) surface W. S. Yang, X. D. Wang, K. Cho, J. Kishimoto, S. Fukatsu, T. Hashizume, T. Sakurai