Papers by T. K. Ng

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 11.89 223 2009/12/02 Majorana Fermion Induced Resonant Andreev Reflection K. T. Law, P. A. Lee, T. K. Ng
2 8.41 432 1988/10/10 On-Site Coulomb Repulsion and Resonant Tunneling T. K. Ng, P. A. Lee
3 1.75 104 1990/02/01 Mean-field theory of the spiral phases of a doped antiferromagnet C. L. Kane, P. A. Lee, T. K. Ng, B. Chakraborty, N. Read
4 1.58 16 1992/04/01 Schwinger-boson mean-field theory for S=1 open spin chains T. K. Ng
5 1.51 49 2008/11/03 Na4Ir3O8 as a 3D Spin Liquid with Fermionic Spinons Y. Zhou, P. A. Lee, T. K. Ng, F. C. Zhang
6 1.16 29 2014/02/24 Realization of 2D Spin-Orbit Interaction and Exotic Topological Orders in Cold Atoms X. J. Liu, K. T. Law, T. K. Ng
7 0.96 104 1998/03/01 SU(2) formulation of the t-J model: Application to underdoped cuprates P. A. Lee, N. Nagaosa, T. K. Ng, X. G. Wen
8 0.83 22 2013/09/20 Detecting Topological Phases in Cold Atoms X. J. Liu, K. T. Law, T. K. Ng, P. A. Lee
9 0.49 12 2014/01/23 Selective Equal-Spin Andreev Reflections Induced by Majorana Fermions J. J. He, T. K. Ng, P. A. Lee, K. T. Law
10 0.47 80 1996/01/15 ac Response in the Nonequilibrium Anderson Impurity Model T. K. Ng
11 0.39 13 2005/11/15 Long-Ranged Attraction between Charged Polystyrene Spheres at Aqueous Interfaces W. Chen, S. Tan, T. K. Ng, W. T. Ford, P. Tong
12 0.37 20 2010/01/14 Quantum dot in a two-dimensional topological insulator: The two-channel Kondo fixed point K. T. Law, C. Y. Seng, P. A. Lee, T. K. Ng
13 0.22 59 1994/07/01 Edge states in antiferromagnetic quantum spin chains T. K. Ng
14 0.21 30 1993/06/07 Nonlinear resonant tunneling through an Anderson impurity at low temperature T. K. Ng
15 0.21 24 1997/01/13 Spontaneous Vortex Phase Discovered? T. K. Ng, C. M. Varma
16 0.12 20 2009/07/01 Topologically distinct classes of valence-bond solid states with their parent Hamiltonians H. H. Tu, G. M. Zhang, T. Xiang, Z. X. Liu, T. K. Ng
17 0.09 24 1995/06/01 Nonmagnetic impurity in the spin-gap state N. Nagaosa, T. K. Ng
18 0.06 16 2010/06/09 Possibility of S=1 spin liquids with fermionic spinons on triangular lattices Z. X. Liu, Y. Zhou, T. K. Ng
19 0.05 11 2006/08/15 Measured long-ranged attractive interaction between charged polystyrene latex spheres at a water-air interface W. Chen, S. Tan, Z. Huang, T. K. Ng, W. T. Ford, P. Tong
20 0.01 34 1995/11/01 Edge states in open antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains S. Qin, T. K. Ng, Z. B. Su