Papers by P. Nordlander

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 2.83 21 2013/06/28 Robust Subnanometric Plasmon Ruler by Rescaling of the Nonlocal Optical Response T. V. Teperik, P. Nordlander, J. Aizpurua, A. G. Borisov
2 1.31 76 1990/09/15 Energy shifts and broadening of atomic levels near metal surfaces P. Nordlander, J. C. Tully
3 1.17 63 1999/07/26 How Long Does It Take for the Kondo Effect to Develop? P. Nordlander, M. Pustilnik, Y. Meir, N. S. Wingreen, D. C. Langreth
4 1.14 57 1988/08/22 Energy Shifts and Broadening of Excited Hydrogen-Atom Levels in the Vicinity of a Metal Surface P. Nordlander, J. C. Tully
5 0.69 73 1991/02/01 Derivation of a master equation for charge-transfer processes in atom-surface collisions D. C. Langreth, P. Nordlander
6 0.43 31 2000/05/15 Kondo time scales for quantum dots: Response to pulsed bias potentials M. Plihal, D. C. Langreth, P. Nordlander
7 0.34 5 2011/08/23 Chiral Surface Plasmon Polaritons on Metallic Nanowires S. Zhang, H. Wei, K. Bao, U. HÃ¥kanson, N. J. Halas, P. Nordlander, H. Xu
8 0.34 29 2000/12/18 Ionization of Xenon Rydberg Atoms at a Metal Surface S. B. Hill, C. B. Haich, Z. Zhou, P. Nordlander, F. B. Dunning
9 0.30 42 1994/05/15 Many-body theory for charge transfer in atom-surface collisions H. Shao, D. C. Langreth, P. Nordlander
10 0.25 19 1996/02/15 Energies and lifetimes of atomic Rydberg states near metal surfaces P. Nordlander
11 0.25 15 1995/07/15 Fullerene nanotubes in electric fields L. Lou, P. Nordlander, R. E. Smalley
12 0.16 18 1991/12/15 Energy shifts and broadening of atomic electron levels near impurity-covered metal surfaces P. Nordlander, N. D. Lang
13 0.15 23 1992/07/15 Lifetimes of negative-ion states near metal surfaces P. Nordlander
14 0.05 8 2007/10/08 Plasmonic interactions between a metallic nanoshell and a thin metallic film F. Le, N. Z. Lwin, N. J. Halas, P. Nordlander
15 0.04 27 2000/01/15 Kondo physics in the single-electron transistor with ac driving P. Nordlander, N. S. Wingreen, Y. Meir, D. C. Langreth
16 -0.02 15 1990/02/19 Formation of excited hydrogen states in stimulated desorption from an alkali-promoted surface P. D. Johnson, A. J. Viescas, P. Nordlander, J. C. Tully
17 -0.07 7 1991/08/15 Dynamics of metastable-atom deexcitation at metal surfaces F. B. Dunning, P. Nordlander, G. K. Walters
18 -0.08 4 1999/01/01 Charge-transfer processes in collisions of H+ ions with phosphorus atoms at low energies J. P. Gu, G. Hirsch, R. J. Buenker, M. Kimura, C. M. Dutta, P. Nordlander
19 -0.09 16 1996/07/29 Probing the Highly Correlated Mixed-Valent State via Charge Transfer with Atoms Moving Out from a Surface H. Shao, P. Nordlander, D. C. Langreth
20 -0.10 12 1986/01/15 Theoretical examination of the trapping of ion-implanted hydrogen in metals S. M. Myers, P. Nordlander, F. Besenbacher, J. K. No/Rskov