Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 30.93 1922 2011/10/14 Topological insulators and superconductors X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
2 23.59 743 2008/11/24 Topological field theory of time-reversal invariant insulators X. L. Qi, T. L. Hughes, S. C. Zhang
3 11.45 202 2010/07/26 Model Hamiltonian for topological insulators C. X. Liu, X. L. Qi, H. Zhang, X. Dai, Z. Fang, S. C. Zhang
4 10.98 437 2006/03/14 Quantum Spin Hall Effect B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang
5 9.69 82 2004/10/06 Spin-Hall Insulator S. Murakami, N. Nagaosa, S. C. Zhang
6 9.57 292 2006/03/14 Helical Liquid and the Edge of Quantum Spin Hall Systems C. Wu, B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang
7 9.10 148 2007/01/02 Spin-orbit gap of graphene: First-principles calculations Y. Yao, F. Ye, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang, Z. Fang
8 8.54 230 2008/04/15 Topological Mott Insulators S. Raghu, X. L. Qi, C. Honerkamp, S. C. Zhang
9 8.05 139 2004/06/22 SU(2) non-Abelian holonomy and dissipationless spin current in semiconductors S. Murakami, N. Nagosa, S. C. Zhang
10 7.62 161 1998/02/01 Modification of the Landau-Lifshitz equation in the presence of a spin-polarized current in colossal- and giant-magnetoresistive materials Y. B. Bazaliy, B. A. Jones, S. C. Zhang
11 7.59 142 2009/04/17 Magnetic Impurities on the Surface of a Topological Insulator Q. Liu, C. X. Liu, C. Xu, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
12 7.54 197 2009/05/04 Time-Reversal-Invariant Topological Superconductors and Superfluids in Two and Three Dimensions X. L. Qi, T. L. Hughes, S. Raghu, S. C. Zhang
13 6.89 193 2009/06/24 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in a Transition Metal Oxide Na2IrO3 A. Shitade, H. Katsura, J. Kuneš, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang, N. Nagaosa
14 6.04 324 1995/02/15 Spontaneous interlayer coherence in double-layer quantum Hall systems: Charged vortices and Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transitions K. Moon, H. Mori, K. Yang, S. M. Girvin, A. H. Macdonald, L. Zheng, D. Yoshioka, S. C. Zhang
15 6.03 82 2013/09/24 Large-Gap Quantum Spin Hall Insulators in Tin Films Y. Xu, B. Yan, H. J. Zhang, J. Wang, G. Xu, P. Tang, W. Duan, S. C. Zhang
16 5.82 98 2011/03/22 Quantum Hall Effect from the Topological Surface States of Strained Bulk HgTe C. Brüne, C. X. Liu, E. G. Novik, E. M. Hankiewicz, H. Buhmann, Y. L. Chen, X. L. Qi, Z. X. Shen, S. C. Zhang, ..., L. W. Molenkamp
17 5.39 111 2010/01/19 Oscillatory crossover from two-dimensional to three-dimensional topological insulators C. X. Liu, H. Zhang, B. Yan, X. L. Qi, T. Frauenheim, X. Dai, Z. Fang, S. C. Zhang
18 5.10 124 2006/08/10 Topological quantization of the spin Hall effect in two-dimensional paramagnetic semiconductors X. L. Qi, Y. S. Wu, S. C. Zhang
19 4.73 332 1989/01/02 Effective-Field-Theory Model for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect S. C. Zhang, T. H. Hansson, S. Kivelson
20 4.70 239 1988/03/07 Spin-bag mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity J. R. Schrieffer, X. G. Wen, S. C. Zhang