Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.19 1 2016/07/18 Topological Superconductivity on the Surface of Fe-Based Superconductors G. Xu, B. Lian, P. Tang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
2 -0.38 0 2016/07/05 Five-dimensional generalization of the topological Weyl semimetal B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
3 0.06 1 2016/06/27 Stable Dirac semimetal in the allotropes of group-IV elements W. Cao, P. Tang, S. C. Zhang, W. Duan, A. Rubio
4 1.05 4 2016/06/02 Ideal Weyl Semimetals in the Chalcopyrites CuTlSe2, AgTlTe2, AuTlTe2, and ZnPbAs2 J. Ruan, S. K. Jian, D. Zhang, H. Yao, H. Zhang, S. C. Zhang, D. Xing
5 -0.17 1 2016/04/07 Edge-state-induced Andreev oscillation in quantum anomalous Hall insulator-superconductor junctions B. Lian, J. Wang, S. C. Zhang
6 -0.34 1 2016/01/13 Dynamical axion field in a magnetic topological insulator superlattice J. Wang, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
7 -0.58 0 2015/12/31 Resonant magneto-optic Kerr effect in the magnetic topological insulator Cr:(Sbx,Bi1x)2Te3 S. Patankar, J. P. Hinton, J. Griesmar, J. Orenstein, J. S. Dodge, X. Kou, L. Pan, K. L. Wang, A. J. Bestwick, ..., S. C. Zhang
8 0.09 3 2015/10/27 Intrinsic Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in the Kagome Lattice Cs2LiMn3F12 G. Xu, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
9 0.62 6 2015/09/16 Observation of the Zero Hall Plateau in a Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator Y. Feng, X. Feng, Y. Ou, J. Wang, C. Liu, L. Zhang, D. Zhao, G. Jiang, S. C. Zhang, ..., Y. Wang
10 0.11 4 2015/08/31 Chiral topological superconductor and half-integer conductance plateau from quantum anomalous Hall plateau transition J. Wang, Q. Zhou, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
11 0.18 4 2015/08/18 Large-gap quantum spin Hall states in decorated stanene grown on a substrate Y. Xu, P. Tang, S. C. Zhang
12 0.14 5 2015/08/13 Helical Spin Order from Topological Dirac and Weyl Semimetals X. Q. Sun, S. C. Zhang, Z. Wang
13 0.01 3 2015/08/10 Quantized topological magnetoelectric effect of the zero-plateau quantum anomalous Hall state J. Wang, B. Lian, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
14 0.44 4 2015/07/14 Electrically Tunable Magnetism in Magnetic Topological Insulators J. Wang, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
15 -0.14 2 2015/05/26 Unified Topological Response Theory For Gapped and Gapless Free Fermions D. Bulmash, P. Hosur, S. C. Zhang, X. L. Qi
16 -0.69 0 2015/02/26 Disentangling the magnetoelectric and thermoelectric transport in topological insulator thin films J. Zhang, X. Feng, Y. Xu, M. Guo, Z. Zhang, Y. Ou, Y. Feng, K. Li, H. Zhang, ..., Y. Wang
17 0.71 11 2014/09/29 Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetically Doped InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells Q. Z. Wang, X. Liu, H. J. Zhang, N. Samarth, S. C. Zhang, C. X. Liu
18 1.10 15 2014/09/29 Stable two-dimensional dumbbell stanene: A quantum spin Hall insulator P. Tang, P. Chen, W. Cao, H. Huang, S. Cahangirov, L. Xian, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang, W. Duan, ..., A. Rubio
19 0.67 12 2014/08/07 Two-dimensional time-reversal-invariant topological superconductivity in a doped quantum spin-Hall insulator J. Wang, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang
20 0.67 10 2014/06/02 Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance and Anomalous Seebeck Effects in Topological Insulators Y. Xu, Z. Gan, S. C. Zhang