Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
41 2.65 51 2012/06/27 Interacting topological phases and modular invariance S. Ryu, S. C. Zhang
42 2.51 39 2009/08/13 Electronic structures and surface states of the topological insulator Bi1xSbx H. J. Zhang, C. X. Liu, X. L. Qi, X. Y. Deng, X. Dai, S. C. Zhang, Z. Fang
43 2.46 121 1997/10/13 Superconducting Vortex with Antiferromagnetic Core D. P. Arovas, A. J. Berlinsky, C. Kallin, S. C. Zhang
44 2.45 147 1994/01/31 Quantum ferromagnetism and phase transitions in double-layer quantum Hall systems K. Yang, K. Moon, L. Zheng, A. H. Macdonald, S. M. Girvin, D. Yoshioka, S. C. Zhang
45 2.38 85 2007/09/19 Dynamical Layer Decoupling in a Stripe-Ordered High-Tc Superconductor E. Berg, E. Fradkin, E. A. Kim, S. A. Kivelson, V. Oganesyan, J. M. Tranquada, S. C. Zhang
46 2.24 165 1992/10/15 Metallic phase of the quantum Hall system at even-denominator filling fractions V. Kalmeyer, S. C. Zhang
47 2.16 53 2011/04/26 Electron interaction-driven insulating ground state in Bi2Se3 topological insulators in the two-dimensional limit M. Liu, C. Z. Chang, Z. Zhang, Y. Zhang, W. Ruan, K. He, L. L. Wang, X. Chen, J. F. Jia, ..., Y. Wang
48 2.05 44 2011/02/28 Electrically Controllable Surface Magnetism on the Surface of Topological Insulators J. J. Zhu, D. X. Yao, S. C. Zhang, K. Chang
49 1.98 38 2013/04/12 Chiral anomaly, charge density waves, and axion strings from Weyl semimetals Z. Wang, S. C. Zhang
50 1.94 39 2009/12/29 Quasiparticle interference on the surface of the topological insulator Bi2Te3 W. C. Lee, C. Wu, D. P. Arovas, S. C. Zhang
51 1.90 150 2008/06/11 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Inverted Type-II Semiconductors C. Liu, T. L. Hughes, X. L. Qi, K. Wang, S. C. Zhang
52 1.86 19 2013/08/05 Spin-Orbital Texture in Topological Insulators H. Zhang, C. X. Liu, S. C. Zhang
53 1.85 30 2013/09/24 Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect with Higher Plateaus J. Wang, B. Lian, H. Zhang, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang
54 1.76 74 2004/11/18 SO(5) theory of antiferromagnetism and superconductivity E. Demler, W. Hanke, S. C. Zhang
55 1.68 19 2013/08/20 Anomalous Edge Transport in the Quantum Anomalous Hall State J. Wang, B. Lian, H. Zhang, S. C. Zhang
56 1.62 40 2011/08/23 Topological superconducting phase and Majorana fermions in half-metal/superconductor heterostructures S. B. Chung, H. J. Zhang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
57 1.46 41 2008/08/19 Spin-Charge Separation in the Quantum Spin Hall State X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
58 1.44 22 2010/10/06 Magnetoconductance of the quantum spin Hall state J. Maciejko, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
59 1.42 37 2011/07/28 Topological field theory and thermal responses of interacting topological superconductors Z. Wang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
60 1.32 53 2009/05/26 Pairing State with a Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in FeAs-Based Superconductors W. C. Lee, S. C. Zhang, C. Wu