Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
61 1.21 61 2004/10/25 Pair Density Wave in the Pseudogap State of High Temperature Superconductors H. D. Chen, O. Vafek, A. Yazdani, S. C. Zhang
62 1.10 15 2014/09/29 Stable two-dimensional dumbbell stanene: A quantum spin Hall insulator P. Tang, P. Chen, W. Cao, H. Huang, S. Cahangirov, L. Xian, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang, W. Duan, ..., A. Rubio
63 1.05 4 2016/06/02 Ideal Weyl Semimetals in the Chalcopyrites CuTlSe2, AgTlTe2, AuTlTe2, and ZnPbAs2 J. Ruan, S. K. Jian, D. Zhang, H. Yao, H. Zhang, S. C. Zhang, D. Xing
64 1.04 95 1995/11/27 Theory of the Resonant Neutron Scattering of High-Tc Superconductors E. Demler, S. C. Zhang
65 1.00 11 2014/02/07 Universal scaling of the quantum anomalous Hall plateau transition J. Wang, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
66 0.94 80 1992/05/04 Superfluid density and the Drude weight of the Hubbard model D. J. Scalapino, S. R. White, S. C. Zhang
67 0.90 44 2002/09/05 Antiferromagnetism and Hole Pair Checkerboard in the Vortex State of High Tc Superconductors H. D. Chen, J. P. Hu, S. Capponi, E. Arrigoni, S. C. Zhang
68 0.90 36 2012/05/10 Mechanism for a pairing state with time-reversal symmetry breaking in iron-based superconductors C. Platt, R. Thomale, C. Honerkamp, S. C. Zhang, W. Hanke
69 0.87 34 2007/02/15 Nondiffusive Spin Dynamics in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas C. P. Weber, J. Orenstein, B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang, J. Stephens, D. D. Awschalom
70 0.85 32 2012/04/17 Topological invariants for interacting topological insulators with inversion symmetry Z. Wang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
71 0.78 40 2004/03/22 Current-induced magnetization switching in small domains of different anisotropies Y. B. Bazaliy, B. A. Jones, S. C. Zhang
72 0.75 41 2004/07/15 Dynamic Generation of Spin-Orbit Coupling C. Wu, S. C. Zhang
73 0.71 11 2014/09/29 Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetically Doped InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells Q. Z. Wang, X. Liu, H. J. Zhang, N. Samarth, S. C. Zhang, C. X. Liu
74 0.71 15 2012/06/19 Topological p-n junction J. Wang, X. Chen, B. F. Zhu, S. C. Zhang
75 0.70 63 1991/03/04 Collective excitations in the Ginzburg-Landau theory of the fractional quantum Hall effect D. H. Lee, S. C. Zhang
76 0.67 49 2007/03/05 Fermi liquid instabilities in the spin channel C. Wu, K. Sun, E. Fradkin, S. C. Zhang
77 0.67 12 2014/08/07 Two-dimensional time-reversal-invariant topological superconductivity in a doped quantum spin-Hall insulator J. Wang, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang
78 0.67 10 2014/06/02 Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance and Anomalous Seebeck Effects in Topological Insulators Y. Xu, Z. Gan, S. C. Zhang
79 0.63 25 2012/11/16 Fluctuation-induced topological quantum phase transitions in quantum spin-Hall and anomalous-Hall insulators J. C. Budich, R. Thomale, G. Li, M. Laubach, S. C. Zhang
80 0.62 6 2015/09/16 Observation of the Zero Hall Plateau in a Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator Y. Feng, X. Feng, Y. Ou, J. Wang, C. Liu, L. Zhang, D. Zhao, G. Jiang, S. C. Zhang, ..., Y. Wang