Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
81 0.58 19 2011/04/11 Topological Insulators in Ternary Compounds with a Honeycomb Lattice H. J. Zhang, S. Chadov, L. Müchler, B. Yan, X. L. Qi, J. Kübler, S. C. Zhang, C. Felser
82 0.56 30 1998/04/20 Microscopic Electron Models with Exact SO(5) Symmetry S. Rabello, H. Kohno, E. Demler, S. C. Zhang
83 0.50 19 2012/10/10 Strongly correlated topological superconductors and topological phase transitions via Green's function Z. Wang, S. C. Zhang
84 0.44 4 2015/07/14 Electrically Tunable Magnetism in Magnetic Topological Insulators J. Wang, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
85 0.40 20 2003/12/05 Eight-Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect and “Octonions” B. A. Bernevig, J. Hu, N. Toumbas, S. C. Zhang
86 0.39 15 2012/03/30 Stationary phase approximation approach to the quasiparticle interference on the surface of a strong topological insulator Q. Liu, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
87 0.37 51 2010/11/10 Chiral topological superconductor from the quantum Hall state X. L. Qi, T. L. Hughes, S. C. Zhang
88 0.37 15 2013/04/25 Axion topological field theory of topological superconductors X. L. Qi, E. Witten, S. C. Zhang
89 0.34 27 2009/05/29 Algebraic Spin Liquid in an Exactly Solvable Spin Model H. Yao, S. C. Zhang, S. A. Kivelson
90 0.33 44 2004/04/14 Vortex configurations of bosons in an optical lattice C. Wu, H. D. Chen, J. P. Hu, S. C. Zhang
91 0.31 13 2014/03/06 Topological States in Ferromagnetic CdO/EuO Superlattices and Quantum Wells H. Zhang, J. Wang, G. Xu, Y. Xu, S. C. Zhang
92 0.31 25 1992/04/13 Quasiparticle charge and the activated conductance of a quantum Hall liquid D. H. Lee, S. Kivelson, S. C. Zhang
93 0.30 46 1998/07/01 SO(5) symmetric ladder D. Scalapino, S. C. Zhang, W. Hanke
94 0.29 37 1999/11/01 Projected SO(5) models S. C. Zhang, J. P. Hu, E. Arrigoni, W. Hanke, A. Auerbach
95 0.24 21 2005/07/01 Semiclassical time evolution of the holes from Luttinger Hamiltonian Z. F. Jiang, R. D. Li, S. C. Zhang, W. M. Liu
96 0.21 16 2005/09/09 Spin splitting and spin current in strained bulk semiconductors B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang
97 0.21 14 2011/08/30 Half-metallic surface states and topological superconductivity in NaCoO2 from first principles H. Weng, G. Xu, H. Zhang, S. C. Zhang, X. Dai, Z. Fang
98 0.21 38 1999/07/01 Dynamical spin correlations in the Heisenberg ladder under a magnetic field and correlation functions in the SO(5) ladder A. Furusaki, S. C. Zhang
99 0.19 1 2016/07/18 Topological Superconductivity on the Surface of Fe-Based Superconductors G. Xu, B. Lian, P. Tang, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
100 0.18 4 2015/08/18 Large-gap quantum spin Hall states in decorated stanene grown on a substrate Y. Xu, P. Tang, S. C. Zhang