Papers by S. C. Zhang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
121 0.01 3 2015/08/10 Quantized topological magnetoelectric effect of the zero-plateau quantum anomalous Hall state J. Wang, B. Lian, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
122 -0.00 20 1997/12/15 Finite-Size Studies on the SO(5) Symmetry of the Hubbard Model S. Meixner, W. Hanke, E. Demler, S. C. Zhang
123 -0.01 29 1998/09/01 π excitation of the t-J model E. Demler, H. Kohno, S. C. Zhang
124 -0.02 21 1991/02/01 General validity of Jastrow-Laughlin wave functions C. L. Kane, S. Kivelson, D. H. Lee, S. C. Zhang
125 -0.04 9 2010/12/08 Topological insulators for high-performance terahertz to infrared applications X. Zhang, J. Wang, S. C. Zhang
126 -0.04 14 2002/01/22 Phase Diagram and Dynamics of the Projected SO(5) Symmetric Model of High- Tc Superconductivity A. Dorneich, W. Hanke, E. Arrigoni, M. Troyer, S. C. Zhang
127 -0.04 14 2004/07/26 Global phase diagram of the high-Tc cuprates H. D. Chen, S. Capponi, F. Alet, S. C. Zhang
128 -0.05 19 1998/06/01 Numerical evidence for SO(5) symmetry and superspin multiplets in the two-dimensional t-J model R. Eder, W. Hanke, S. C. Zhang
129 -0.06 12 2009/06/02 Supersymmetric valence bond solid states D. P. Arovas, K. Hasebe, X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang
130 -0.08 10 2005/08/01 Orbitronics: The Intrinsic Orbital Current in p-Doped Silicon B. A. Bernevig, T. L. Hughes, S. C. Zhang
131 -0.08 13 1994/12/12 Fluctuation-Induced First Order Transition between the Quantum Hall Liquid and Insulator L. Pryadko, S. C. Zhang
132 -0.08 8 2005/08/12 Maxwell Equation for Coupled Spin-Charge Wave Propagation B. A. Bernevig, X. Yu, S. C. Zhang
133 -0.09 11 2010/12/14 Critical theory of the topological quantum phase transition in an S=2 spin chain H. C. Jiang, S. Rachel, Z. Y. Weng, S. C. Zhang, Z. Wang
134 -0.11 6 1993/10/18 Lee, Kivelson, and Zhang reply D. H. Lee, S. A. Kivelson, S. C. Zhang
135 -0.13 18 1994/06/15 Collective excitations in double-layer quantum Hall systems A. H. Macdonald, S. C. Zhang
136 -0.13 18 1995/08/15 Electron localization in a two-dimensional system with random magnetic flux D. Z. Liu, X. C. Xie, S. Das Sarma, S. C. Zhang
137 -0.14 3 1990/04/01 Hybrid free-electron maser based on the combination of the guiding-center shift and Doppler shift S. C. Zhang
138 -0.14 2 2015/05/26 Unified Topological Response Theory For Gapped and Gapless Free Fermions D. Bulmash, P. Hosur, S. C. Zhang, X. L. Qi
139 -0.16 6 2004/06/18 Non-Abelian Berry phase and Chern numbers in higher spin-pairing condensates C. H. Chern, H. D. Chen, C. Wu, J. P. Hu, S. C. Zhang
140 -0.16 10 2010/06/24 Topological quantum phase transition in an S=2 spin chain J. Zang, H. C. Jiang, Z. Y. Weng, S. C. Zhang